Initially popularised in the mid 1990s with the UK’s Asian Underground movement, the music of Indian Electronica is expressive of an increasingly complex global identity.
Indian Electronica music fuses ‘East’ and ‘West’ using technology and tradition to produce some of the World’s most innovative, emotive and exciting sounds.
Now almost 20 years later..everything has gone a way further!!

Last Rights (Kali Yuga Mix) – Breakbeat Buddha by indianelectronica

Whatcha Want – Krishna XL
Whatcha Want – Krishna XL by indianelectronica
Secret Archives of the Vatican!! drops Machine Against the Raj

Machine Against the Raj – Secret Archives of the Vatican by indianelectronica

Transglobal Underground’s Dancehall Operator is a MUST HAVE!!
Dancehall Operator – Transglobal Underground by indianelectronica


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