Peter does it again with another awesome mixxtape.  Another that is quite different from the usual suspects.

His previous one, Truck Drivers Deluxe is still in my top3 faves of this year thus far and this new one is already in my top 5 on the strength of 1 listen.  The more I play it, I know the more I will love it.

This is pure journey music and that’s what I essentially love about mixxtapes.  Just not enough of them (journey mixxtapes) around nowadays but I think Peter and I are trying to change that in our own lil’

Ok, this mixxtape is pretty Tech & Deeep Housey and does not contain any Kuduro, Kwaito, Dubstep, Cumbia, Dancehall or any of the other sub-genres you’re usually accustomed to finding on here but that ain’t no bad thing.

It’s a geat mix and that’s all that matters to me, music that moves you, tells a story, makes you dance and feeels glorious!

Small Music by PeterPozorek

It ain’t over till it’s over..

Here’s a new one from my man….seems like he’s been playing with his


Beautiful Memories From Australia by PeterPozorek


  1. Listening to Truck Drivers Delux right now and loving it, if this one’s as full of surprises I’m in for another treat 🙂

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