Man I’ve been busy this weekend @ Roskilde and so a lil’ one for you this week but this is still BIG in terms of the music on offer and loads of downloads.



‘Freestyle dancehall dub’ is what Boomski call their sound. Because it’s all the way live, strictly dancehall riddims and nothing but drums, bass and echoplates. So yeah.. freestyle dancehall dub, heavier than lead

DOWNLOAD: Boomski – The cult of the sine wave.rar

If you need hi res files check this

Boomski – The cult of the sine wave (Dubbhism release) by DUBBHISM



Sometimes we get e-mail like this:

Hi, I’ve been following your blog for over a year a now and i really enjoy it.

The reason im sending you this email is because in reddit we have a subreddit for dubstep (we called dubstepit) and yesterday we released our first compilation album with dubstep made by redditors (people who post in reddit).  A 9 track album with really good material.

And I was thinking if there was a chance you could post something about this in Generation Bass, if its not a problem of course.

Sometimes, we’ll check it out if we like the look and sound of it.

Sometimes, we’ll check it out if the sender is polite and does not insist that we must blog it but asks whether we’d like to and if we don’t he’s still cool with us.

Sometimes, we’ll check it out if the sender is not making any over-exaggerated claims, like, this production duo are the hottest ticket in town when maybe 5 people have heard of them OR that this stuff is the BEST shiiit since Led Zeppelin or something silly and unreal like that..cause who could ever be better than my Zeppelin…lol..

So I checked this out and although it’s not going to transform the world,  I do like some of the stuff on it and so check it out for yourselves and download it cause it’s free anyway.


You can download it free from here:


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