Attention beat junkies and collaborative technology fans!

Sonic Charge (the makers of µTonic) have created a new and very cool technology that they call the Patternarium. I know this isn’t the kind of thing that you you usually find on but if you are serious about keeping up with forward pushing music and  beats then you’ve gotta at least be aware of this.

What is it?

Sounds and rhythms are produced by algorithms running on the Sonic Charge servers (even the names are made up by random). Think of Patternarium as a giant collaborative patch randomizer that is spawning new generations of a thousand unique patterns, each one being the cross product of two other patterns picked at random.

When you are on the site ( you can vote up or down the patterns. The higher votes a certain pattern receives, the more likely it is to get picked and bear offspring into the next generation. This means that you may participate and influence the outcome of Patternarium simply by voting.

You can also view the pattern information (in the upper right corner) that includes bpm, rate, swing, steps, the generation of the pattern, the number votes up and down, and the ascendant patterns.

But what makes the Patternarium even more cool is that you can save patterns to be used in your µTonic plug-in and further mangle and manipulate. The file format is native to µTonic but once you have have opened it the plug you can export as a midi file! And from there the development potential of the patterns are epic!

You get to vote on whether rhythms should prosper and procreate or if they should die!

I voted on about 60 patterns. Of those I voted up about 15 and saved 8 into my own library. I can assure you that you’ll be hearing some of those patterns in tracks very soon!

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