Want a different kind of Dubstep?

Well.. Each one of them takes the genre and blends it in Their own particular signature..which is a great thing for people who are just discovering or exploring dubstep and “might” have the wrong impression that everything sounds pretty much the same…

I could talk about each one of them and why they are “special”..but this time i prefer people have their own opinion (and perhaps leave a comment) and not let the people’s opinion get biased.

Enjoy.. (all of them are great!!)

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Shazalakazoo – Riddle of the Fiddle
Shazalakazoo – Riddle of the Fiddle by shazalakazoo

PaniKa feat Nilow – Teren Specialny – forthcomin on BF-Rec 12″ by PaniKa

Chinese Breakaway (Wake Up EP – Release date 20th July) by Cottonmouth

Ganji-Killah – Man a madman
Ganji-Killah – Man a madman (Intifada riddim by Arge Numa Crew) by dubspencersound


  1. The worst is the popular insistence on the ‘womp’ or square wave or what have you. I think dubstep is a very progressive sound, and hate to see it pined under one particular noise (though I do love the inclusion of traditionally noisy noises).

    Also, word to that Ganji-Killer joint.

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