Leonardo Argüello is the man behind Leit.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina; currently living in Barcelona, Spain. He was part of Under Construction Collective and now-a-days he divide his time between: Leit, his solo project and NNiD, an abstract & experimental band joined with Nikka & Logical Disorder.

Gustavo Anania born in Buenos Aires.He studies Visual Arts and Photography, and as Leit, he currently lives in Barcelona. They share the same origin and a town, but they never met before.

Check how far you can go without a map in Soundamerica…


Soundamerica vol.14 selected by Leit

1. mamo tetã guireju ñande reku arando (Jaexaá Porã) + oein estratos (tato taborda)
vs. juan stewart 2 + ivliss televizione and omar rodriguez lopez colmillo castrado
2. emisor planta de estación radial
3. diosque tamara di tella
4. tremor vritti
5. marcelo fabian asi
6. mäuss intelligent dance malvins vs pablo reche profundidad
7. cooptrol loco (version)
8. fantasias animadas hidro-helio meets jaime torres caminos en la puna
9. dysarthria letters for the blind + los kjarkas pregon para iluminarse +atahualpa yupanqui testimonio final

Music selected by Leit

Photo Cover by Gustavo Anania

Graphic Design by Guillermo Piacenza

Produced and released by Hipi Duki Muzik.
Presented by Generation Bass.

Creative Commons License.
June, 2010.



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