Been doing so much Dubstep recently and a couple of Afreaka mixtapes that I thought it was about time that I just threw a bunch of great percussive driven Kuduro-esque, Dub-Tropical, Funky, Tribal Guarachero and Barefoot tracks into the mix.

It’s kinda like my summer mix 2010 of tracks that I really love and have been listening to this year outside of Dubstep and Cumbia πŸ™‚

So this is Trans Tribalism!

It includes some exclusive and unreleased tracks by the likes of Kubo, Schlachthofbronx and some new stuff by Flore, Ikonika, Nguzgunuzu and Bert On Beats.

It also features my collaboration with Yolandi and Ninja from Die…got there before Diplo πŸ™‚Β  Ok, it’s a bit of a cheat, it’s not an actual track as such but let’s call it a collaborative jingle πŸ™‚

Trans Tribalism (4 guys who wear make up) ..Glam it up boyz…lol..

Recorded Live/one take – Pioneer CDJ 1000’s & DJM Mixer! (Unmastered)



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  1. Generayshun Baysss . com – DJ UMB & Yolandi Vi$$er ( Die Antwoord)
  2. Klang – J Wow
  3. O Dedo – J Wow
  4. Kitmanda (Girl Unit Remix) – Roulet
  5. El Bebe Ambiente – Nguzunguzu
  6. Fish – Ikonika
  7. What Dance – Nguzunguzu
  8. N*107 – Flore
  9. Freak – Not sure, will try to find out
  10. Bastard Kids (Ikonika remix) – The Brown Acid
  11. And You feat. Joyce Muniz (DJ Manaia rmx) Kubo
  12. Kurum – DJ Manaia
  13. Suomo – Bert On Beats
  14. Tribal Guarachero – Mexicooo
  15. Bad Boy Bass (Bert On Beats remix) – Gaudi
  16. Ai Re Bola – Kubo
  17. Pecados – Killamu
  18. Vocal Chords (Schlachtofbronx Remix) Claude VonStroke
  19. And You – Kubo
  20. Generayshun Bayss .com – Ninja (Die Antwoord)

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