Ok Flore’s new album Raw is out now.  It’s been on my player for the past few weeks non-stop.

It’s a great dance album, one of the best I’ve heard this year thus far.  It contains everything you want from a dance album and more.  Not a weak track in sight and such a wide variety of styles and genres, Breaks, Hip Hop, Tropical, Dancehall, Fidget, House, Dubstep, Experimental, Kuduro-esque beats and pure Bass music.

I gotta say, man I’m very impressed cause it far exceeded my expectations, not that I ever considered Flore a lightweight at all.  It’s just that as with most dance albums, they’re usually quite disappointing and very patchy.

Raw, however, kept me fully entertained from start to finish.  Not everything on it is my cuppa and neither does it contain anything extraordinary or ground-breaking but for sheer entertainment value, it’s pure entertainment!  I think it has a great chance of breaking through into the commercial market.

My stand out tracks are:

*electro-fidget groove of “Raw” feat. Shunda K

*experimental vybz of “LWFRQ” & “No.107”

*techno hip hop beats of “La Folie Des Glandeurs”

*127 bmp dubstep of “Anyking”

*emotional electronic Radiohead soundscapes of album closer “The Overnighters Song”.

I was not so sure upon first listen of the cover of Gary Numan’s “Cars”, as the original is such a classic and still sounds timeless, but Flore’s Kuduro-esque Missy Elliot rendition grows on you.  I got to say though that Shunda K does sound like a clone of Missy Elliot but that ain’t no bad thing 🙂

I really can’t recommend this album enough cause upon repeated play, it just sounds better and better, which is the sign of a great album.  In places it has a lot of emotional depth too.  Usually with dance albums, the converse is true, and after a few initial plays the album becomes boring but this is not the case with Flore’s “Raw” masterpiece!

I would love to hear her develop the Moderat/Radiohead-esque aspects of the album on the experimental-ish tracks, perhaps for a future EP, cause she sure knows how to give machines an emotion!

Stream it below and purchase it from that link too:

Here’s what the propa’ are saying:

IDJ (2 pages feature) –

Raw lives up to its name in every way. Flower POWER!” *****


“A killer blast of Baile funk, electro and bass heavy breaks from French firebrand Flore

Tilllate (1 page feature),

“Original, forward thinking and massive. Gorillaz and Missy Elliot watch out!” *****


“bumping beats, blistering bass, top vox… this summers must have has landed”

MJ Cole

‘A delicious blend of UK musics. This is an exciting time for music and Flore is leading the way with energetic production and an impressive list of collaborations.


TSUGI – FRENCHY OF THE MONTH + “The Test” on the cd sampler


Flore has done this special promo mix  for the album launch and so grab it as it’s full of exclusive and unreleased remixes of some of the tracks on the album.

FLORE – RAW promo mix by Flore

Finally, grab these free tunes too:



  1. This is a serious sound… The album will be GOLD for centuries.. A true electronic journey and masterpiece.

    I will be promoting this to all my friends on Facebook and around the city!!!

    Thank you Generation Bass and FLore!! Wow

  2. This album is amazing, Flore you are so talented and your knowledge of music shows through your style and design.

    much love to you and please keep mixing it up and touring around too. It will be great to see you in USA!?

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