This is a summer special one. Videomit is comming back with other video and strange turbofolk posts soon.


Dubstep is often by my side when I make my daily travel tru the french suburbs. Going to (shitty) jobs, going back home, visiting friends.

In the nothern part of this planet, the sky is often grey. Dubstep is helping me, sometimes, to look at the poor landscapes that surrounds me everydays.

Alongside myself, mind riding, like a daily “wanderer”.

Anger, rage, joy, and melancoly.

Melancoly is so good with a little bit of pop-emo (in a emotional sens I mean)-dubstep right in my headphones.

Nothing is better than a bustrip, a rainy afternoon, and a little bit of Rusko’s “Hold on” tune.

Yes, for me, “Hold on” is one of this tune. A little bit sad, but fucking wobbling into my emotional center.

Here you can see the video.

An inside force that make my eyes getting closed, my hand is shacking alone.

Outside, the sun starts to shine, clouds are going away. Perfect soundtrack for monday morning, at winter.

Helps me to keep on working ’till the end of the week.

Helps me also to accept the fact than a city, as grey as it is, can be beautiful. French suburbia too.

I’m alive, for sure.

This video is telling me this too. British houses, rainy times, railroads,endless suburbia, contemplative views on a nameless city.

According to me, the video could be just that. Going away from “pure party” pictures. For me, there are too many party pictures, shows crouds that doesn’t tell much too our aesthetic senses.

But, you know what, Rusko is a superstar, the first dubstep popstar ?

What else.


Yeah, our beloved DJ UMB send me a vid and few sounds and asked me if I could write something ’bout it.

Released on adventurous new label Green Queen Music, the CD Balkan Fever London is out Monday 19 July. It is full of great sounds. Straight from London, UK.

We are living in a great world. People in England making some Balkan tracks. So what ? Don’t you think, polish or hungarian people like Drum n’ Bass or Dubstep ?

I’ve listen to the CD and it has some great tracks. My favorites are the one done by Gypsy Hill feat. Besh O Drom (Hungarian most crazyest fusion band), and also the GhettoPlotz “Babyschlep”.

But the best to do for you is to wait ’till the CD comes out, and Haide ! Let’s bang !

Check out to know more.


Oh yeah, I’ve almolst forgotten to tell you ’bout that.

For thoose of you who are in need of true brutal dubstep.

My very close friend, DJ Nervous Breaks from Paris has done a great mix, full of hardcore wobble, and crazy infrabass.

Take an ear down there, and download it for free.

My pleasure :

DUBSTEP TO THE GROUND II – Digital Slap by Nervous Breaks


And, fresh info, and for french listeners, I will host with Mr Bruce Platini a new radio show on local Vallée FM.

A weekly show, full of post-dancehall, dubstep, grime, balkan and Bmore beats. More infos later, I promise.

The name of the show : Global Bass. Bopbopbop ! Si si !

A great summer to y’all ! Peace out !


  1. haha for sure poles love dubstep and dnb, but hmm… maybe i misunderstood ur post but we don’t produce balkan music 🙂
    hugs from poland 🙂

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