It’s been absolute mayhem in Africa in the last week as the World Cup came to an end (Viva Espana!) and I got posted to Nigeria for a month, so getting a comprehensive post together this week – in amongst the obligatory trips to banks for currency, chemists for malaria (and other) meds and hand sanitizer (a must in this country), and real food for the road (I’m on a seven-city road trip to places where nutrition is either impossible to find or radically expensive) – proved to be difficult.

Instead, a promise that I’ll keep you up to date with what’s up – musically and otherwise – in Africa’s most populous nation in the next few weeks, and a taster of the music that first brought this continent to the world’s attention, influencing everyone from James Brown to Talking Heads to Carl Craig, Afrobeat – albeit it filtered through the lens of French producer Debruit.

More to follow…


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