UPDATE: 13 JULY 2010

We won it for SOUTH AFRICA!!! Yeahhhhh!

I do hope you all realize that I’m the Mixcloud DJ mix World Cup CHAMP (lol) for the next 4 years now until 2014 BRAZIL when I wil be forced to hand over the winning trophy to somebody else, unless I win again. CHamP till 2014..lmao…..

I dedicate my win to Enzo, Proff & Thabang.

Dudes, we did it for you, we miss you 🙂




Thanks Mixcloud for all your support!

Original Feature:

Mixcloud started this World Cup contest based on their Cloudcasts a few weeks ago and here’s what they said:

On Friday 11th June the 2010 World Cup kicked off at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. It will be played out over a month in 9 host cities by 32 teams from 32 countries around the world.

Music and rhythm have always been an integral part of the summer tournament – and this year we invite DJs from around the world to join us to create the Soundtrack to the 2010 World Cup.

The process is simple. Put together a Cloudcast (radio show or DJ mix) with the sounds that you think represent your country and your team. Please ensure one of the tags is “World Cup COUNTRY”, for example World Cup England or World Cup South Africa.

Click the flags below to hear the sounds of the 32 teams and 32 countries taking part in the World Cup 2010, and keep checking back to see which Country Cloudcasts progress towards the Mixcloud final below.

They asked me whether I wanted to include my mix above as re a rep’ for South Africa and of course I said yeah, not thinking any more of it.

Well now it’s in the semi

Check it here

This has really, really pleased me, not because I did the mix but because South Africa got to the semi!

When we were in South Africa, I said to all my new friends there that I really hoped that the South African team would make it to the semi finals cause it would be great for the country.  Sadly, that did not happen but UMB’s reppin’ them in the Cloudcast World Cup and they’re in the semi finals..yeahhhhh.

I’m not sure how we win but I hope we do it for South Africa 🙂


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