Heavy weight Dj Reaganomics created a digi dancehall that had this 80’s analog african vibe but he blended it with a great glitch attitude and in the end he put sorta dubstep wooble that makes the cherry on the ice cream..
it was soo good i joined with some positive lyrics ( in spanish)
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Dj Reaganomics Feat Caballo -La vida me enseño (Mwale) by caballo

next in line Dub Killa Comb
Nacional DubKillaComb sOund by Dubman Selktah

this is a MUST (FREE)
radiokillaz- bludclot dubplate
RadioKillaZ – Bludclot Dubplate – 320 by rkz_recordings

Uproot Andy drops el puchi puchi
El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo) by Uproot Andy

Top Billin
Belly Dance by TOP BILLIN

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