Here’s a PopSTeP DuB SymPHonY future CLASSIC!  It’s awesome!!!!!

I tried to sign it for a forthcoming Generation Bass EP but we couldn’t as some samples could not be cleared 🙁

So it was promised to us as an xclusive free download and man it pains me hard to give this to you before I can stick it on one of my gorgeous mixxtapes, u bastards!

It’s by a phenomenal new talent from LA, Philthy B, which he has done in collaboration with Metaphase, and they’re one to watch!


Gold Guns Girls ( Philthy B & Metaphase Remix ) by Philthy B


And here’s a Brucie

The Mother Fucking Real by Philthy B


  1. thanks for sharing and not keeping it for yourself!! 😉

    Brilliant tracks!! big ups to Philthy B and Metaphase for using Metric!! I need to hear some remixes with Sleigh Bells!! (the group, not the bells on a sleigh lol)

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