Another DrumSTeP post but are u feeling theDrumSteP, let us know what you think?

Anyway, I’m undecided as yet and I’ve never played any out.  So I have yet to make up my mind but I can tell you one thing, I’m loving what the Chronos boys are doing and I’m really loving some of the stuff on this post too.

Here’s some other stuff I’ve found recently for you to check out:



Our Greek Dubstep Prince has started creating some brilliant DrumSTeP vybz.

xseos – level 2 by xseos



Have had this dude on previously and here’s what he says about himself:

Determined to carve a place for himself in the crowded landscape of electronic music, Alexandre stands poised to make his presence felt on dancefloors around the world. Covering a broad range of genres, Miami Beach native Alexandre’s music runs the gamut from neon-laced electro-pop nostalgia to aggressive, bass-driven tunes that fearlessly explore the darkest depths of the spectrum. Coupled with a strong live presence as a controllerist DJ, a steadily-growing fanbase around South Florida, and one official release under his belt already ( ), Alexandre is coming for your eardrums.

You might be thinking, wtf, Lionel F****** Ritchie!!!


First master of my drumstep remix of this classic stalker anthem. Originally done for and premiered at [Hello] the Party in Cape Coral, FL. Look them up on Facebook, good times to be had.

Lionel Richie – Hello (Alexandre Remix) by alexandresounds

Toast – Trouble (Alexandre Remix) by alexandresounds



Since he started veering more towards NastyNasty territory, his sound and productions have just gone up  by about 200% in terms of how interesting they are.

Check out this focker!

Mr. Herman by NiT GriT



One of our young prodigies who we’ve introduced to the world.

Kid is only 17 and like Munchi, he’s got a bright future ahead of him this lad.

Just check this out, has a hint of High Rankin about it!

Let’s Start A Mosh Pit (Drumstep VIP) by Dee Jay Mee



If you want a copy of this, and I love the bassline on this, then:

Dubplate! waiting for your feedback! write me via PM if you want a copy of it to use it in your sets

Papuga aka Wet paper – never let u go by Papuga aka Wet paper



Another great track courtesy of these 2 Lincoln lads.

You should really check out some of their other stuff too.

Existance Before Apology by Slow Motion Explosions


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