The Heartbreak kid is back and he’s come to GENERATION BASS with Xclusivez with The Barack Moombahma EP!

Take it away HeartBreak Kid 🙂

After the Munbreakton Ep, and the compilation.. I started focusing on another sub genre of moombahton mixed with reggae, but I couldn’t come up with a name for it that made sense lol…

So I said I will come back to it in a couple weeks. My passion right now is dutch house, bubblin, bmore and reggae, but for some reason, I was stuck in a bmore and house frame of mind and could not get out of. So I decided to stop fighting it and focus on the moombahmore project. I tried to be as creative as possible without going too far left field.

So i started focusing back on dutch house and bmore.

One day munchi and I were talking about hardcore, and I was talking about bmore, so I said eff it moombahmore…

Thats where it can together on flipping the witch doctor song. After I made that, a light went off in my head, and I said okay this can work, and I started zoning. I wanted to put that on the ep, but I went back and tried to make it better and it couldnt compare with the first one.

For This one I had 20 songs ready, but a lot of them were sounding like songs from past projects, and with the genre evovling, I decided to keep experminenting, and it turned out pretty good.

This project was made right after the munbreakton ep, so riding off of that high, and switching from ableton back to reasons, I said let me get this out. People were showing me a lot of love, and contacting me, so I decided to drop this ep now…

Moombahmore… this one is basically hip hop, house, electro house, and baile funk fused together everything is fresh, and there’s a song on here for everyone…Here is the run down…

The Moombahma

This is where it all starts for me. Classic house, even though I wasnt old enough to party in the 90’s I really appreciated the music. I took my favorite three house songs and turned them into one track.

At first I thought it was too much, but when I noticed people’s reaction to it in the club during peak hours, I said this is a dope track. The crystal waters sample is automatically recognizable once you hear it, and with the bahton elements added to it, that takes it over the top. This type of moombahton is going to be the crossover, for people who love house, and moombahton, but want a less aggressive vibe. This song is the inspriation for the ep and probably the best track in my opinion.

Whistle Blower

This was actually a track that was supposed to be on the munbreakton ep, but it wasnt ready and I didnt want to force the track. Most of my tracks start off as concepts, the first version was 60 seconds long. I threw it on in the club one night, and people went crazy, but I only had 60 seconds of it. When i went to the next song, people were looking at me like wtf was that!!!, so i said damn I gotta finish this one. So I added some moombahton to it, made it longer, and the rest is history, instant vintage…

Banger ( melo edit )

This song right here… is just crazy its all energy. It reminds me of a song I made called La Energia… Sometimes I get too hyped and It feels like it is my mission to destroy the clubs speakers lol. I had this song on my soundcloud page( as a concept, like most of my songs that i run out of ideas on and DJ melo and a couple either people hit me up and said that they liked it and wanted to add some things to it. I told melo if you want to add some stuff to it, go ahead, and the boy took the song from a 7 to a 10. The name “banger” came from Nada, The song was untitled and I asked dave, whats the first thing, you hear when you heard this and he said banger lol.. So I just rolled with that one.

ÂżQuires Culiar?

This was a dirty house song that I made a while back, I slowed it down to the moombahton tempo, and made it very basic but very raw. This song reminds me of mansion in miami at two o’clock in the morning, when you are drunk, you have that liquid courage and you just ask a chick straight up… ÂżQuires Culiar?, hopefully your game is tight enough and she says yes…


This song is kind of like the movie inception, if you stop listening for a second, you will lose the flow of the track.

I took baile funk and munchiton elements chopped it up and just had fun with it. I tried to make this as hard to follow as possible. I know that doesnt make sense, but sometimes when you dont focus on what is right or wrong, you make hot shit… like I said you will love this one or hate it.


More to come, cumbia ep, and the moombahton and reggae ep coming soon, I am going to keep evovling and keep making good music.

Dale Moombahton!!! and all the subs thats came along with it!!

Barack Moombahma

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