Whenever Sonido Del Principe comes out with a new track/album or mixxtape, you know it’s gonna be special, unique and different!  It’s par for the course!

This leading innovator of all things Nu Cumbia embodies the authentic Nu Cumbia sound but he is not the least bit South American or latin, he’s Dutch.  I’m sure he has Latino blood in his ancestry somewhere, he’s gotta to have.

Anyway, here’s a great new mixtape that he’s done exclusively for the blog, Kick Out The Jam , go and check out what they have to say about it

It’s another killa mixx with killa nu tracks/re-fixxes and re-edits.  Totally unique, cause that’s what we do here on Generation Bass!

GRAB IT HERE and make your Sunday Morning, Sublime!

  1. Le Freak Selector – Get hi cumbia (sdp refixx)
  2. La Verdolaga (SDP refixx)
  3. Sonora – Ciclone (Dj Melo vs SDP remix)
  4. Sonidero Nacional – Eresparami (SDP refixx)
  5. Orion & Dj Dusty– Mal Creada
  6. Negra Navidad – SDP refixx
  7. Lewis Can Cut vs SDP – CanCumbia
  8. O.B. – Steal ma Flow (SDP remix)
  9. Neil Landstrumm vs SDP – Por Todos Las Chicas
  10. The Peronists – La Haitiana (SDP remix)
  11. Stephan Bodzin – Bremen Ost (SDP remix)
  12. Moodymann vs SDP – Detroit Riot Cumbia
  13. Daniel Peixoto ft. Carol Texeira – Flei (SDP remix)
  14. Tupac Shakur vs SDP – Dear Mama
  15. Sonidero Nacional vs JAY-Z vs SDP – Roc Boyz Cumbia


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