This dude, aka DJ Nasha has many firsts in his illustrious DJ career in India.

Here, check it out for yourself via his bio:

Long before any DJ in India went international, Ritesh D’souza aka B.R.E.E.D aka Nasha decided to pitch his tent with creative communities in leading underground dance movements in the UK and the US. B.R.E.E.D has constantly introduced new sounds to India. He has performed at internationally-acclaimed music festivals like Burning Man in Nevada and the Sunburn festival in Goa.

B.R.E.E.D, who is otherwise known as the dynamic DJ Nasha, is committed to keeping it fresh at every gathering. His sets involve the use of different midi controllers, FX processors, samplers and the art of turntablism, setting B.R.E.E.D apart as a new, genre-defying producer and live frequency-tweaking DJ.


His new single is being released on High Chai Recordings on July 26th.  The two tracks will be featured on the single Sound Killer which will release on High Chai Recordings as a Beatport Exclusive.

The first is a B.R.E.E.D bass-heavy “dancehall meets dread bass” remix of vocal artist Juakali’s Come from Yard and the second is a B.R.E.E.D original titled, Sound Killer , which is a heavy dubstep roller with live piano, thus maintaining a musical feel.

Here stream his Top 10 Beatport entry in January 2010!

jalebee cartel :: mirrors -b.r.e.e.d remix [ sample ] by highchai

Also check out his midtempo glitch mix, a unique amalgamation of sounds.  As a “pre-party” for the upcoming single, download the mix and enjoy!

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