We’re very pleased to introduce another great guest to Dubstep Monday.

Today, our good friend, Okulus Anomali is taking over the post.  I’ve known Okulus now for a little while having been introduced to him by our mutual friend and belly dancer Lillith 🙂

Okulus has been a vociferous follower of Dubstep Monday and he was kind enough to accept my invitation for him to do this post.  I gotta say, what a great post it is too man, with loads of new names we’ve never heard of and of course some we’re quite familiar with.  Take it away, maaan!

South Florida / Miami Dubstep:


Okulus Anomali (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

Hungarian-American Musician/Composer/DJ/Philosopher/Alchemist of the Arts  – ‘Okulus Anomali’ is known for combining his live World Music instrumentation w/electronic music, Dubstep being at the forefront.

His music & mixes evoke the full spectrum of the human emotional experience…from the Uplifting to Dark and his musical aesthetic is based on merging the Beauty with the Beast …attempting to achieve that ultimate balance in sound which lies deep within the human psyche. more info at &

This is a remix from a track on my ‘katharsis’ downtempo/glitch/dnb album…this evokes a feeling that lies somewhere in between gravestep, glitch hop and dubstep grime. Vocal and Instrumental mixes.

EyeStingU feat MicOptyx (Dubstep-Alchemix) by okulus

Pan Agnostix (Okulus Anomali & Herakles)


First Dubstep track by w/my Greek partner Herakles on the Ney Flutes, also contains my live performance on the ‘Cumbus’ (Turkish Banjo), Dumbek and Moroccan Zils. This track has that same beauty n’ the beast motif referred to earlier, this track picks sways between the full and half time beats for a proper journey in tempo, emotion and mystical experience. more info at &

“Non-Prophet Organization” by Pan Agnostix by okulus

Indovisual (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

DJ/Producer/Master of the Scratch/Motivator …hailing from a background including Breakbeats & Spiritual Downtempo, This ‘Burning Man’ enthusiast has a flair for earthy dubby vibes…keeping the Positive Vibes Moving. Check him out at:

The Dub Hoper by INDOVISUAL

For The Love Of Dub by Indovisual on Mixcloud

FTG (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

Cuban-American DJ/Producer/Visual and Graphic Artist Extraoridinaire – FTG comes from the Miami Bass / Electro background…which he infuses richly into his production and his mixes…his own unique blend of Miami Dubstep Bass. more info @

Original track ‘Bass Galactic’

Bass Galactic by FTG/Meta-Reticula

Part Deux DJ Mix

Doctor Jones (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

DJ/Philosopher/Producer.  Being of Brazilian ancestry, the blood of Doctor Jones pulsates to an indigenous rhythm of it’s own. Equal parts DJ, performer, & crafter of musical journeys, he originally drew influence from the South Florida trance, breaks, & techno scene, then later plunged deeply into dubstep and psychedelic dub inspired by Burning Man & related events. His favorite musical styles to perform are deep/melodic/world influenced dubstep, euphoric downtempo, and inspirational psychedelic dub that will light up your chakras and blow the top of your skull clean off. more mixes @

Doctor Jones – Step Only Where I Step by Doctor Jebus Jones

Somejerk (Digital Felon Recordings)

John W. Gregory II, better known as somejerk, has quickly made a name for himself in the dubstep and bass music communities. Originally a graphic designer and promoter, he found his DJ calling during the begining of Florida’s dubstep phenomenon, opening for international acts such as Skream, Mala, Hatcha, Joe Nice, Platician and countless others, all while producing and releasing original music. Currently he has seen a return to promoting and has his hand in a number of dubstep and drum & bass events in Florida. More info @:

‘Summer Skank’

somejerk – summa skank (mix 5) by somejerk

‘Somejerk Rock For Years’

Somejerk Rock For Years by somejerk

‘Summer 2010 Mix’

somejerk – Summer 2010 Mix by somejerk

Various International Dubstep:


This track has that glitchy West Coast dubstep feeling to it…quirky at it’s best.

Born In L.A,Ca.Raised in alot of places around the US, Grimblee was inspired to do alot of my art…Graffiti, Djing and Music production have been a huge part of my life. “Music is my girlfriend, my fuck buddy, my time of zen and the only thing that understands me….I AM A NERD!!”

‘Classical Death’

Classical Death by Grimblee


Whenever I hear ‘Terror Dome’ I have a vision of the man hanging from a rope…slowly expiring…the palpitations to the gorific editing of the mid-rangy bass tweaks…this track is siiiick. ‘Get Down’ was introduced to me by my ‘Partnerz N Grime’ groupmate ‘Doctor Jones’…it feels like Beethoven Dubstep.

DJ/Producer Vaski sent his demo to rottun manager Excision, he had no idea of the journey that he was beginning. With his first two tracks storming the beatport top ten charts

Koan Sound

Koan Sound is not for everyone, yet all would agree they have a signature sound…as myself, they are also about mixing the ‘beauty w/the beast’…a complimentary contrast that does well w/the Dubstep genre. Dubstep…where either extreme can lead us down the path of ‘too relaxed’ or ‘too noisy’…this combo tends to find the ‘balance’ of the road… not for the excapist dubstep listener.

With influences such as The Prodigy, Amon Tobin and especially Noisia, it’s not hard to see why KOAN Sound tracks are synonymous of dark gripping basslines that tear dance floors apart.

Blueberry Pie by KOAN Sound

Garden Of Buddha by KOAN Sound


LOVE this track!!!!

Rest assured you will be hearing much more from the ‘Culprate’. This track also follows the ‘beauty meets the beast’formula I so love. When adding rock elements such as a guitar solo to electronic music…it can easily get ivery ‘cheesy’ …but not this track, I couldn’t imagine doing it any more beautifully and melodically than on ‘Don’t Do That’…one of those trax you can listen to over and over and find new nuances…a dubstep masterpiece.

“Don’t Do That”

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