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When u hear the word Mambo you probably get 2 things in mind:

1. The Dominican FL-Mambo that was really populair till ’07/’08 (like Moreno Negron – Pajaro Malo), the style that it got to (one of my favorites, El Cata – Loca Con Su Tiguere)

2. Or you have to be really oldskool and think of the original Mambo in the likes of Perez Prado.

I have to say that both types of Dominican Mambo are the sh*t, but its really messed up that the FL-Mambo isn’t getting much attention anymore. I guess people got kinda tired of the same sh*t at a certain point, because the amount made back then got a bit out of hand.  This mainly because everyone could get a copy of FL to make some cheap Mambo on it. That  my friends, was f*cking awesome. 

Around ’07/’08 it suddenly stopped. Then out of nowhere I heared Maluca – El Tigueraso. Major props to Diplo giving shine to Mambo again. Maybe this would mean a that it would get revived? Nope.

The only post I could find about Mambo dates back to March 2009 (lolll look at Omega’s blond hair).  So what i’m going to do right now, is introduce all you bassheads to some Dominican flavour with a sh*tload of FL-Mambo!!

Cuidao tho. You might get a f*ckin’ stroke of all this epic cheapness.



  1. maaaaambo – still – rules!! and when i see your tags it’s a must have:-)
    but i was 2 months away (now rereading gb;) and the link expired..
    any chance for the mambo package?
    thanks anyway for the great stuff, g

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