(pic by Kira Held – thanks for letting us use it!)

A quick post from Calabar, Nigeria, and a follow up to something Caballo posted a few days back – I’ll be posting more on the Nigerian music scene when I can get a decent internet connection (even opening GMail in this town is a struggle).

Do yourselves a favour and head on down to Different Waters, an excellent blog run by Generation Bass cohort, Berlin-based DJ Zhao, who’s mixing up a regular and rather excellent series of “Ngoma” mixes that feature kwaito from South Africa, kuduro from Angola and plenty other global grooves.

Zhao recently played at a release party in Berlin for the excellent ‘Ayoba: The Sound Of South African House’ compilation, alongside SA acts Pastor Mbhobho and Mgo, and usefully pointed out the below, rather complimentary, review the album received in esteemed serious music mag The Wire.



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