Ok, the post ain’t as African as the above image may seem to suggest but I enjoy f****** with yo’ minds!

Plus I like the pic and you know I should be sitting on a throne like that cause I feel regal

Besides, I’m not gonna post so called “World Music” to go with that image cause that’s exactly what you would xpect!!!



These girls always cause some controversy whenever I post their stuff.

They recently won a DJ Comp with Let’s Mix, can’t quite remember what it led to but they got bigged up by established DJ Superstars in the scene like Swedish House Mafia (yeah I know SHM are a bit naff but you can’t knock em’ for being established) and some others.

Anyway, the twins are doing good and that’s great to hear.

Here they are with a great nu mix that you can download and some fresh & hott tracks that you can stream!

MayaVanya – Panama! by MayaVanya

MayaVanya and Magik J – Kokoš‎ Fiesta by MayaVanya

MayaVanya Sounds like Summer mix by MayaVanya



Here’s some amazzing nu shiit I discovered from Lima, Peru recently.  a new name to add to your Generation Bass list of firsts.

Elegante & La Imperial Feat.Xzibit – Piensalo by Elegante

Elegante & La Imperial – Lundu Lando(Afrostep) by Elegante

Horoscopos de Durango-2 Locos (Elegante Imperial remix) by Elegante



Alongside new names we like add a sprinkling of established Generation Bass GodFathers, here’s Stereo’ as usual!

Destinys child rmx by stereotyp ©

Jukebox by stereotyp ©



Another new amazing discovery from San Fran, anybody for some Cha Cha Cha and Electro-Swing 🙂

Delachaux jumped out of his tree years ago flippin’ vinyl all over San Francisco’s neo-burlesque underbelly with lascivious sets that swirled everything from Weimar Berlin and glitchy mambo to torch-lit tiki and electro-swing steamcrunk. His intoxicating ‘burlectro’ style of pouring exotic orchestrations over a barrage of saucy beats has made him one of San Francisco’s most unique DJ/producers and the sonic maestro behind such annual West Coast galas as Tease-O-Rama and the Edwardian Ball. He can also be found cranking victrolas at such Bay Area fandangos as Louche, Kinky Salon, and Bohemian Carnival.

Safarachi by delachaux



1. Dipso Calypso – Buscemi
2. Some Like It Hot – Club des Belugas
3. Bad Boy Good Man – Tape Five
4. Dragons – Caravan Palace
5. Libella Swing – Parov Stelar
6. Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Remix) – Emanul Kosh
7. Sugar – Parov Stelar
8. Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix) – Jesse Rose
9. Clown The Raper – Santiago Nino
10. Coco Bongo – DJ Ellroy
11. Jump In The Line (FeatureCast Remix) – Harry Belafonte
12. Ain’t All That Bad – DJ Ellroy
13. What’s That Sound (Kick Oh Remix) – Young Nutz
14. Why Don’t You – Gramophonedzie
15. Bambous – Caravan Palace
16. Every Little Star (Cheese & Pickle Remix) – Rufus White



Lovin’ this track and that cover above is so funny, especially that guy to the xtreme right with the specs on man..lmao..wot a face man!

Proyecto uno – Pumpin (Marateka pump Remix) by maratekatropical


  1. Muss mir dringen eine neue Couch kaufen, da meine alte jedes mal verächtlich knarrt, wenn man sich drauf setzt. Habe eine kleine Ratte ( ja ich weiß einige von euch werden sich jetzt denken igitt….) und da die ja bekanntlich auch Krallen haben, möcht ich ein Sofa mit einem robusten Bezug haben. Kann mir jemand ein bestimmtes Material empfehlen?

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