“Yeah it’s dramatic,” she

Check out this great little article on her shining more light on her growing enigma HERE

Cooly G is a force to be reckoned with, but we knew that a year ago when we booked her to appear at last years Generation Bass festival.  Her set was one of my favourites from the whole weekend.  Got to say a little hello to her that time but didn’t get time to hang out.

Recently, we did get time to hang out at Roskilde though and I even made her’t get the wrong idea guys, I was kinda like her Butler for the day..ahahahaa 🙂

It surprised me to find out that her trip to our festival last year was her first ever trip abroad and that she loved it!!

She puts on a bit of front for the public but man I’m telling you the girl is as sweet as a pussycat but she won’t take any of yo’ shiit!! So don’t mess!

Her set at Roskilde was also awesome man and deeeep.  Man she is a BRILLIANT Producer who is also a BRILLIANT DJ and so she can cut it both ways!  That’s not always the case cause I’ve heard some pretty phenomenal producers dj live and they can’t quite cut it live as a DJ!

I think Cooly G is going to go on to world domination if she keeps her shit together and her faith.  She is probably one of the most important female producers in the UK right now and imho she has the potential to break the USA in a very big way.  I think she could be set for superstardom and I believe she can go all of the way and fulfll a dream that she has for herself and her 3 year old boy!

Here’s a geat new mix that she did recently called the Mix N Match mix.

Sorry man, no tracklisting!



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