los corraleros

Nothing sexier in terms of cumbia than:
Los Corraleros del Majagual!!
This is perhaps the biggest super group in cumbia, which can only be compared to Fania all stars or Motown golden years but in terms of Cumbia/Vallenato.
Best band in Discos Fuentes extensive discography.
Why Los Corraleros were/are so popular and influential?
Because they redefined the cumbia sound.
Before them we had Lucho Bermudez and Pacho Galan’s Big Bands cumbia orchestras just to name a few on one side.
And Alejo Duran Vallenato on the other.
They brought Huge brass sections, great percussion and perhaps the best accordion players in Colombia in just one band.

I know hundreds of people who know los corraleros and i’m sure each one can tell you a different favorite song.

They have a MASSIVE list of Hits.. like no other in cumbia, vallenato, or tropical Colombian history.

Alfredo Gutiérrez, Calixto Ochoa, César Castro, Ignacio Paredes and Lisandro Meza where the stars on their first era.

Here’s one of their mega hits (click to listen -right click to save)

This is Alfredo Gutierrez and the original version of Gaita Pirulino

Keeping in mind that the cumbia began as a low-brow form of music. Corraleros made it HUGE!
Their music at first was not always looked favorably upon by the Colombian upper classes.
But once December arrived.. there was/is no home in Colombia (til these days) where you don’t listen at least one song from them.

Because they were so popular, it was impossible to keep them together.
Each one began a solo career in late 60’s early 70’s, Fast Forwarding til ’78 were they got reunited.
Giving chance to the second big ERA!!
Anibal Velazquez, Fruko, Chico Cervantes and perhaps the most famous of these new ones, Eliseo Herrera, were among Heavy weights Ochoa, Meza and Guiterrez making hit after hit!!

An Anthem also with

When I (CABALLO) was around 6 or 7 years old -around ’82 or so- I LOVED LOS CORRALEROS’ RRRIAPATOPO!!
i used to try to sing it.. and i remembered my school mates (sorta posh school i was in) telling me how in hell i could like that!!
here it is

or Cumbia del Cangrejo ( CRAB CUMBIA)

They are amazing..
So i encourage you to check n get their music and Los corraleros influences and artists in their solo careers if you have never heard about them.. so you will understand a bit more where all the celso pina and later toy selectas and now our own Munchi’s music come from 😉

Some of the amazing Players you should check are:
Alfredo Gutiérrez, Calixto Ochoa, Lisandro Meza, Anibal Velazquez, Chico Cervantes,Dino Gutiérrez,Eliseo Herrera,Ignacio Paredes.


  1. Nice post Caballo…this band was one of the reasons I first got into Cumbia..not at the age of 6 though like you..lol…I think I was around 22..:-))…amazzing band, one of my faves!

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