This 7 inch from Capitol 1212 (Big Toes Hi-Fi) came out in 2008 and features Daddy Scotty and Donald D on the A-Side doing a tune titled ‘Where I’m At‘. But this is BIG UP THE B-SIDE! So for your listening and downloading pleasure (up to the 100 download SC limit) here is ‘Everybody Move Like Robot’ featuring Daddy Scotty.

1212 feat daddy scotty,everybody move like robot by 1212records

DJ Fly-T (Capitol 1212) met Daddy Scotty at various sounds in Edinburgh where the Jamaican singer has a long history of tearing up Scottish soundsystems. At the time of the single he was a regular at Big Toes Hi Fi and Fly-T had always liked the stuff Daddy Scotty had done in his hip-hop band the Yard MC’s (which also included fellow bad man MC Profisee).

I think this track is perfect for the big soundsystem that Big Toes HiFi throws down and someday i’d love to actually hear it in that setting. The tune sails by in a smooth easy clash with expert dub production techniques that nice-up the dance and evoke the big outdoor system vibe. Enjoy!

Oh… and i’ve gotta throw this video out! Musicians playing with shotguns!! For a second there it looks as if Daddy Scotty is gonna blow his bro’s head off!!!

And completely unrelated but now somehow connected… this video if you haven’t already seen it. When I saw this for the first time a few months ago I watched it at least 20 times throughout the day!! LOL

Gun Recoil Knocks Out Man’s Tooth – Watch more Funny Videos

Okay… made it this far? Did you click on that link up there in the title of the A-side – ‘Where I’m At’? Just hours prior to this post Fly T uploaded that track to his soundcloud as a free download too.
Capitol 1212 feat Donald D-Where Im At by 1212records

Cheers! ~Process Rebel

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