Music has certain respect for genres, although there are no boundaries in mixing styles;
and then….there are the guys who really destroy all concepts.
MASHUPERS!!! (not remixers who usually destroy all concepts and in many cases the
When we talk about mash ups, we talk also about music taste, and to make the short version i will make my statement.
Even though ALL IS RELATIVE, we can divide music in two kinds: Good Music and the rest.

Beatles vs Shaggy – Let It Be Me (Bavor) (106) by MashupMusicReviews
What is good, what is not.. well all i can say, and suggest is MY VERSION OF GOOD MUSIC, in every single one of the post i personally write in generation bass.

My homie BRUTAL REDNECK who was in big part responsible for TROPICHAOS is in my opinion one of the best mash upers in the planet.
Jackson Of Spades by brutal redneck
RADIOHEAD vs BAMBA= CREEP BAMBA grab this one for FREE!!
Creep Bamba by brutal redneck
Lady Gaga Vs Nirvana=Smells like a telephone
Smells like a telephone by brutal redneck

Dj Moule
Beatles vs Beck – Jude Is a Loser (DJ Moule) (394) by MashupMusicReviews
PANTERA vs Village People, courtesy of Joao Brasil
Y.M.C.walk (João Brasil) by lontramusic
Madonna vs Carcass!! by DJ SCHMOLLI

Leo Justi drops The Roof is on Fire + Pon De roolF
The Roof is on Fire + Pon De roolF – Leo Justi Remix Mashup Mixup Wtfup by Leo Justi


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