“Why kill yourself? Life will do it for you.”

DuBSTeP Suiciders:

1. Engine Earz

2. High Rankin

3. The Doctor

4. Suangi

5. OmegaDubstep

6. Robokop

7. Jeuce

8. Celt Islam

9. P-Era

10. Dj UMB

11. Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix



Amazing Dreadzone remix by one of our faves, Engine Earz.

Available August 1st with a Warrior One remix on the flip.

Dreadzone – Yeah Man (Engine Earz rmx) VIDEO!



This track is like marmite!

It hit no.1 in the UK and we were one of the first blogs to cover Yolanda Be Cool last year HERE.

High Rankin has just decimated the track with a GREAT Dubstep Remix and here’s what he says:

Bored of a morning i decided to ask Twitter what i should do a cheeky bootleg of to give away for chuckles. Turns out they wanted a mix of No Speak Americano so I only went and bloody did one. Some people didnt quite get the joke but as I do so like to say, fuck um if they can’t take a joke. Here it is, enjoy 🙂




Last week we had DJ Malicious from the BotherHood Of Filth reppin’ BrumStep & ScratchSTeP and this week we have his filthy bruv, The Doctor!



The Doctor’s new project alongside DJ Switch & Malicious DJ: The Brotherhood of Filth, turntablism’s answer to dubstep, and one of the freshest new acts to hit the scene.

Consisting of twice world DMC Champion DJ Switch, Malicious DJ & The Doctor, the Brotherhood come armed with 4 turntables, 2 mixers, live FX, as well as bass-crushing rhythms and unrivalled technical skills. They push the boundaries of live mixing unlike any other artist, delivering scratched-up, soul-bleaching, mayhem-energised, bass-driven turntablist filth. No tune is left alone, no breathing space will be conceded.

Grab a new great free track & mix:

The Allseeing I & I by The Doctor (UK)

Prime & The Doctor Live on Chronos Records July 2010 by The Doctor (UK)



This is a really weird track but I really like its weirdness & quirky rainforest come SoulStep feel!

Planete Sauvage by Suangi



One of my favourite MelodicSTeppers.

Released by: Dubanimals

Omega – Ultima Ratio Regum (Mastered – Available Now on Addictech) by OmegaDubstep#

Here’s another 2 great freebies:

Booka Shade – Regenerate (Omega Remix) Full Version, Free 320 by OmegaDubstep

Breakage – Justified (Dublic Edit – Omega Rework) by OmegaDubstep

ROBOKOP remixes Orange Grove


A remix from an awesome reggea band from holland ORANGE GROVE! from their album fingerprint

Robokop – Orange Grove – You Decide it REMIX FREE DOWNLOAD! by Robokop



New one from the Jeuce boyz plus a new mix below!

The Mr.Fogg single is due out on the 23rd of august and the label have kindly said they can give out the remix below

Stung (Jeuce remix) by Jeuce

Also, they have been in the studio last week putting together a new summer mixtape. Its packed full of new releases, new Jeuce remixes and also some older releases to keep everyone happy.


Two Part Jeuce by Jeuce on Mixcloud

Finally they are giving out an old bootleg they did of the classic daft punk tune ‘Make Love’.

Daft Punk – Make Love (Jeuce Rework)



New Celt Islam EP Al Mizan out today 9th August 2010

Tracks include Al Jihad feat Dawoud Kringle and Law of the Jungle

You can download the album here on Urban Sedated records :

Grab a freebie:

LAUGHING LIONZ by CeLt IsLaM feat InDeR GoLdFiNgEr and BrUcE ThE OcCiLaToR by Celt Islam



London based producer making his DubSteP MondaY & Generation Bass debut.

Some xcellent work here, check it out, dark and naarstyish!

If you want 320’s just mail him over at SoundCloud and if he likes you, he might oblige.  If you’re female, he’ll defintley

P-Era & FJH – Doin Dirt by P-Era

Wally – The Grind (P-Era & FJH competition rmx) by P-Era

P-Era & FJH – Flying Guillotine by P-ERA

PopSTeP DuB SymPHoNy Revival!


“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight “pop” and everybody goes “Awww!” – Jack Kerouac

This is part of the PopSTeP DuB SymPHoNy series but I’ve called this one “VoXSTeP” esp. for Prashant Mistry of Engine-Earz 🙂

There’s so much GREAT PopSTeP that I decided to continue the series and so volume III has been unfinalized and here’s Volume Four!!!

Big Thanx 2 Engine Earz, Sabbo, AlexisK, Majiika & 4 Centers for providing me with UNRELEASED tracks, much appreciated man, mwah 2 u all 🙂

As usual Lil’ rough round the edges…1cut & First Take LIVE..Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII & DJM 600 & UNMASTERED 🙁

01 VoXSTeP DuB SymPHoNY by djumb

Get this player from Fairtilizer!

More Pop Quotes:

“what was interesting about what the Who did is that we took things which were happening in the pop genre and represent them to people so that they see them in a new way. I think the best example is Andy Warhol’s work, the image of Marilyn Monroe or the Campbell’s soup can….” Pete Townshend (The Who)

“”By definition pop is extremely catchy, whether you like it or not,” Cobain says. “There are some pop songs I hate but I can’t get them out of my head. Our songs also have the standard pop format: Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, bad solo. All in all, I think we sound like The Knack and the Bay City Rollers being molested by Black Flag and Black Sabbath.”” – Kurt Cobain

And 4 what it’s worth my own take on this too:

“I don’t wanna be elitist, specialist or only audible to the select few AND I don’t wanna be Susan Boyle, X Factor nor Rihanna either BUT I think I do wanna be PoP!” – DJ UMB- Generation Bass


1. Metric – Gold Guns Girls ( Philthy B & Metaphase Remix )
2. AlexisK – Absolution
3. M J Coole – Sincere (Nero Remix)
4. Engine Earz Feat, Lena Cullen – Reach You
5. Massive Attack – Teardrop remix (?)
6. Majika vs Rob Sparx feat Collie Buddz – Avoiding the Issue
7. Radiohead – Street Spirit (Blunt Instrument remix)
8. Agent K & Bella – Sierra Leone (AlexisK Remix)
9. Sigur Ros – Sæglópur (Enigma Remix)
10. Papuga – Comes Love (Papuga’s Bootleg Edit)
11. Kelis – 4th Of July (Fireworks) (Rusko Remix)
12. Destinys Child – Say My Name ( Nit Grit & NastyNasty Remix)
13. Capleton – Longest Time Ever (FJH Remix)
14. Blondie – Call Me (The Messiah Remix)
15. Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (4 CENTERS REMIXXXXX)
16. Rusko – Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)
17. Blame, Ruff Sqwad – On My Own (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
18. Soft Cell – Tainted Love ( Sabbo Remix)



Have 2 agree with my friend Sunshine Rays, yep she’s real hippy at heart, least I think she is.  Call it LuvSTep, PopSTep , VoXSTeP or whatever else.  All I gotta say is that I love this kind of DubSTep and it looks like I’m not alone.

These guys from Mad Decent released their first LuvSTep mix in February of this year, Valentines Day, noice one too.  This is their second live follow up and it’s noice too 🙂 but not sure about the Professor Green track.

My PopSTep DuB SymPHonY mixxtapes are all about an “emotional symphony” and introduce fairly unknown producers alongside established ones.  Whereas LuvSTeP is all about a “love-in” and relies on the BIG, established names, therein lies the difference.

However, PopSTeP predates LuvSTeP by a few months and came out first and so who’s the daddy..lmao 🙂

Perhaps we could have a PopSTep versus LuvSTeP mixxtape one day soon?

Get this player from Fairtilizer!

There are only four questions of value in life…What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same: only luv.

Friday, July 31st marked the 3rd annual edition of the Mad Decent Block Party in Philadelphia, and the universal premier of LUVSTEP LIVE.


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