Here’s some new blood that I (Caballo) feels will make an impact on the scene:

Xanda: This kid is Dope!! i will be adding this kid to my Dubstep Favs..

Hasta Luego!!
¡hasta luego by Xanda

Dubstep AJ-1f
Dubstep AJ-1f (as yet unnamed) by Xanda

Jam Band Caravan – Holy Land (Xanda Remix) by Xanda

From Mexico with pride..

Next One is Tribal Guarachero Youngest Master Sheeqo Beat who is, sincerely, A M A Z I N G!!!

This one is FREE!
Walk It Out (Sheeqo Beat Cumbión Loco Mix) – UNK by Sheeqo Beat

Black Moon
Black Moon (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Jason Rivas TEST by Sheeqo Beat

Next One is the perfect tune for introducing the third Young Master!!!
Erick Rincon who joins Sheeqo make this super sweet tune!!
Pure Feeling!!!
Esto Es Con Feeling (Sheeqo Beat & Erick Rincon Remix) – Tapon by Sheeqo Beat

Here’s Erick Rincon LOITUMA
and here’s a mixtape full of Erick Rincon tunes
Pure Silk Vol.2 The Tribal Bible by Silky Boys
Don’t forget to check yesterday post in where we dropped the free EP!!
NOW my next guest of this amazing new blood..Young and super eclectic
UNA NIÑA MALVADA !! who drops pure amazing and the best noise core with reggaeton!!!! EVER!!

AND IF YOU WANT TO HEAR IT.. here it is the soundcloud stream of Pusse del flow:
Pusse del flow by una niña malvada


Una niña malvada – Pusse del flow

Also check this out !!! SAILOR MOON-Reggaeton- DRUM N BASS- NOISE CORE all in one sick tune!!


SailorBoom by una niña malvada

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