Here I come.  Just a few words my friends.  Here, as a present for this summer.

The new System D-128 video. The man is a great A/V artist, with collabs whith many musicians and labels. He is behind most of the well known Mad Decent Video Podcasts. I’m sure you know thoose little lo-fi vhs crazy editing stuffs. Just to quote some of the people he worked with : Diplo, Nadastrom, DJ Johnny Blaze and many others.

Recently, this philly-based video-artist has done a great piece of art.
Mexicans With Guns is a Texas based musicians, with a lucha libre dubstep bass music style. When D128 and Mexicans With Guns are working together, here is the result.

Dame Lo – Mexicans With Guns from System D-128 on Vimeo.

This video is exactly what I like to see in a music video. An ambiance, an atmosphere.

I mean, this is quite exotic for a french suburbian guy like me, but, the thing is that I can feel Tijuana when I see it.

It is full of references and A/V quotes. In one hand, Narco cinema with all the gangsters/girls/guns cliqua, and in the other, a bit of Mexican Esoteric Fun, whith its cohorts of ghosts and spirits hanging in the streets, haunting all thoose characters.

It is clearly a tribute to all thoose Adult stuffs, from Narco cinema to Adult comics, full of naked chicas and gore effects. Here you can see a great collection of Mexican adults frontpages to understand what I am talking about :Mexicans adult comics collection.

A short piece of Robert Rodriguez artform, plus Bass music. That’s how to make me happy.

As a child, I remember myself having great times in front of gore exotic movies, where erotism was not so far. Death + Love is a great couple in storytelling. Now, my old school video-club is a bank. Crap !

No need to talk about this Bmore-Dubstep tune. Just listen and bounce, or be scarred !

Check out System D-128 vimeo’s.

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