raiz es nomada
When Latino Resiste started, it was a game changer, by trying to expand Latin American underground scene, gathering music, design, photography and painting artists with the common idea of sharing their art to world for FREE distribution, and dropping it with a SOLID MESSAGE.
During the next weeks we will be releasing three of those LR sub compilations aka LR presents….!!
Our first one is LatinAfrica, an epic release, in which we have not only some of the best names in terms of artist you’ll hear, but also the ones who made the compilation possible.
PALENQUE RECORS C.E.O, Lucas Silva, joined me in the selection!!
For the people who don’t know about Palenque Rec; this is like having Rick Rubin doing a rock compilation, or David Byrne doing a so-called “world Music”.
Lucas Has given us part of Palenque Records Discography including iconic Sexteto Tabala de Palenque, and Alfonso Cordoba aka EL BRUJO, who was so important that Colombian government gave him ‘Gran Order of Cultural Merit” -Colombia’s highest cultural recognition- to name a few.
And for the first time we add a GRAMMY nominee giving their music from their just brand new release!!
Locos por Juana, also donated their Champeta for latinAfrica, in part thanks to LR’s newest addition:
DJ MUNDO<, from my REBELSOUNDS crew, who will drop a new LR anytime soon. (DJ mundo’s LR is going to blow everybody’s mind!!!!)
Well going back to Locos por Juana:
here’s a small preview of their song


more from LPJ

Sub compilations play a major role!!
And the whole scheme of Latino Resiste is so great and “doesn’t have any Head” which meant anybody who shares the same vision of the Movement can be part of it.

Latino Resiste is very aware of Arizona’s law aka SB1070 and one of our talented DJ’s living in US help us in the release of
A SPECIAL EDITION of LATINO RESISTE called RAIZ ES NOMADA ( Root is nomad) in which we will unite both, great latin old school and influential music and political statement.
IT WILL BE A COLLECTORS LIMITED EDITION, and will have both formats,
a MIXTAPE (100 Downloads) and 900 Album (separate tracks).
Why Limited? Because this on is soooo good only real music lovers will appreciate it. Not just download it and store it in a hard drive, We want to drop a great and powerful message:
” We bring the roots, for the New Aztlan Seeds”!!!

Here’s just an example of the awesome stuff you’ll get
Raiz es Nomada!!

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