Ok man let’s get on with some Moombahton, Purple Wow Series 🙂

Pass the Mooma bahton relay:

1.  David Heartbreak

2. Dj Sabbo

3. Bale (Yeah)

4. Jon Kwest

5. DJ Sabo

Let’ start with the HeartBreak Kid:


Here’s what he says:

Moombahton fever is here and its stronger than ever!! David Hearbreak is back with volume two of moombahton. On this ep, I pushed the boundaries and tried a lot of new things. I mixed dutch house, with dub step, dancehall, drum and bass, hip hop and made it work.

Hey- This is guranteed banger for the clubs, this is what moombahton is all about, dutch synths, reggaeton elements the perfect bass and the perfect timing Salt shaker- I took another dutch house concept and it into a theme, this is definately for the club, I added the perfect accapella to make this an instant favorite and classic.

Lend ya down- I made this after watching “Belly” i was in a real dark place, this is my first walk into the moombahcore genre, this is reggae, dub step, hardcore, and moombahton all rolled together, one of my favorite originals thus far.

Raggamuffin- I took a classic dancehall song, and added old school dutch bubblin to it. This is the perfect bounce, chopped and screwed, non stop energy. I guess this is moombahton meets dancehall, so I am thinking moombahall

Novinahhh- This is the perfect chillbahton song. Perfect for any early opener, or just in a lounge chilling. I try to do at least one hip hop influenced song on each project. I took drakes succesful, and a few baile funk, and cumbia sounds and rolled them all together, This is my favorite song onthe ep, real relaxed, but just enough to get you going.

Kid Kaio Hey (Heartbreak Moombahton Edit) by David Heartbreak


Watch the vid here too:



Mad Decent’s Sabbo back with another GREAT nu cut in this genre.  I think he’s likin’ the m-TON!

Oy Woy-Sabbo by Sabbo

BALE aka (Yeah!)


One of the most xciting newcomers to this scene.  Here he is with his new EP which includes 2 m-TON cutz.

These are MASSIVE tracks!

Body Language (Moombahton Remix) by Bale (Yeah!)

Body Language (Lucid Moombahton Edit) by Bale (Yeah!)



Another newcomer to the m-TON scene, having formerly and still presently specializing in B-more.

Great things to come from this dude, watch out!

Get Loose by Jon Kwest

Ice Water by Jon Kwest



The other, but just as important, DJ Sabo from NY, USA.

Another 2 absolute KILLA tracks!

Hotter & Higher – SABO (remix of South Rakkas “Hotter Than Them” in Moombahton style with more HIgher States elements thrown in)

Hotter & Higher – SABO by djsabo

“No Pare Moombahton” by SABO, featured on the Summer of Moombahton compilation by Munchi. This version is slightly different, i think the mixdown is a little better here…Enjoy!!

No Pare Moombahton by djsabo


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