“she’s got me lovestoned, I think that she knows. …….those flashing lights….”

I remember when I first came across this dude almost 9 months ago and like an over-possessed, insecure, psychotic lover, I kept him all to myself for about 2 months before the urge to be “one” of the first to blog about him took over me!

Man he has just continued to blow me away with each new track that he comes up with.  He’s been a constant on many of my mixxtapes and of course I play his stuff out all of the time and some of it has even been famously captured on camera at a huge Festival I did

Now, for me, “THE” most anticipated EP from one of “THE” most exciting producers in the DubSteP genre will be dropping in the fall on 14th September 2010, called “Puke Paint”.

I think, I’ve heard it already, well he sent it to me a couple of months back but he might have changed some stuff on it as the new free track he is giving away from it, I have not heard before.

I’ll tell you more about the EP at a later date but all I’m gonna say for now is that it’s a KILLA 🙂

Grab the free track, “Junkie” that he is giving away from it below on his bandcamp page!

Here’s what NastyNasty says about the freebie:

“it’s a really solid track imo and very indicative to the sound of the  e.p.”

Here’s what I’ve said before about his music and it’s the best description I can give for what his music does to me:

NastyNasty takes me somewhere else maaaan….places where only GREATS have taken me…he gives MACHINES an EMOTION”…His music is like the “Tears in the Rain” speech in Bladerunner!

Grab the free track and suffer a little and then get the EP and DIE!


  1. DJ UMB is at it again. Dude, you’re not even close to the first person to blog about NastyNasty. XLR8R was talking about this guy last year!

    Generation Bass is so poorly written and DJ UMB, or maybe I should say, DJ DUMB, is the worst offender. Here’s a thought – stop bigging yourself up all the time and actually check a fact or two before you post something.

    1. Well thanks for drawing that to my attention, I didn’t know about that, xlr8r is more like an on-line music magazine as opposed to a blog and so I might still be right and what the heck if I ain’t…I didn’t murder your mom, did!

      And why don’t you quit hating on us or me and focus on doing a better job yourself…

      STOP the HATE and focus on your own work MATE…ahahhhahaha :-)..

      oh yeah and next time, at least have the balls to tell us who you really are, you know we can’t fight Phantoms…

      Yep that’s what we’ll call you the Phantom Mouse..ahahhaha serves you right!

      But I have a feeling I think I know whom you are, the same bitter, twisted fool who I had a run in with a few months I feel sorry for your

  2. Wow. I’ll tell ya that I would have never heard of NastyNasty if DJ UMB hadn’t posted about them here first. I occasionally check out xlr8r, but when I’m looking for great bass music this is where I go. I’m guessing the previous commenter believes that once someone has mentioned an artist once online or in print then they are superstars who deserve no more attention? Why not continue to give the artist acknowledgments?
    Keep posting great music UMB!

    1. Thanks dude for your support, I appreciate that.

      I think it boils down to one thing and one thing only, JEALOUSY, and success always breeds HATE and so let him/them hate, doesn’t really bother me man 🙂

      I ain’t a a music journalist and neither do I wish to be, I’m just a music enthusiast with no hidden motives for my own fame. I do it cause I LOVE and am addicted to music, simple as that.

      If I get things wrong from time to time, it’s no biggie and that usually boils down to a shortage of time. I do this for free and voluntarily cause it’s my addiction.

      It would be easy for me to delete or amend his comment but I don’t wanna do that cause I want EVERYBODY to see what a pillock he is!

      At the same time, good manners don’t cost a thing and it’s probably not his fault he born without ever knowing his father…lol..

      Like I said, I feel sorry for his girlfriend

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