“Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay”

Crazy, but that’s how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it’s not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate

I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

DrumSTeP MF’s:

1. Anodyne Industries

2. DubSac

3. Alexandre Sounds

4. Danejah

5. Dirty Deeds

“Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay”



Aaron King has been manufacturing his own brand of heavy bass music as Anodyne Industries since early 2009.  Pulling inspiration from break beats, drum and bass, dubstep and a myriad of other styles his sound is a mixture of ferocious bass lines, technical break beats, deep melodies and ethereal atmospheres.

Not constrained by the four walls of his studio, Anodyne Industries has performed live at events across the Bay Area and beyond.  Whether he was organizing his own event, playing the SF Burnal Equinox or one of the largest sound systems at Burningman, Anodyne Industries live sets have taken dance floors on a journey through soundscapes made of inspiring melodies and thoroughly devastating bass mechanics.

Only a short amount of time has passed since production began, but Anodyne Industries is quickly becoming one of the Bay Area’s premier artists in the new school of electronica.


He has just dropped his latest release, “The Combat Singles”, which is a heavvy DrumSTeP MF’ and here’s what he says:

Released on July 15, 2010, “The Combat Singles” marks a new evolution in the Anodyne Industries sound.  Driving the intensity of my previous bass explorations through the roof, I’ve produced two raging Drumstep Heavy Bass stormers for the summer!


“BassMech” is a straightforward monster of a track boasting a thunderous beat coupled with intense and powerfully distorted bass manipulations.


“Decibomb” detonates a high powered charge of tightly packaged bass mayhem coupled with eerie vocals and oozing midtempo grooves.

The release is available for purchase here at BandCamp!

You  can grab the free GATEWAY EP HERE

Also you can grab the BRILLIANT “DeciBomb” track here in full 320 glory!

Watch the Vid here:



DubSac is a 17 year old producer from Calgary, Canada. Only starting his music making journey a short time ago, he’s already turning some heads with his unique balance between wobble and melody. With several collab and remix projects on the way, as well as countless more originals, this kids one to look out for in the future!

Take a listen

Alone In The Dark VIP (FREE DOWNLOAD) by DubSac

Grab the whole EP FREE

His links:



WARNING: Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not listen to this mix.

Brand new live set recorded 08/06/2010. Has a few hiccups but overall a strong set and one I’m happy with.

Almost pure dubstep with a small touch of drumstep/drumnbass near the end. Tracklist maybe if I’m not too lazy.


Alexandre – Audiobortion (Live Mix) by alexandresounds

Also if you missed it last time, don’t miss it this time, grab his remix of Lionel Ritchie!

Lionel Richie – Hello (Alexandre Remix) by alexandresounds



DANEJAH: 21 year old UNSIGNED Dubstep Producer/DJ out of southern California.  Working on the EP, be on the look out.

Shoot Dat (Drumstep VIP) by DANEJAH

Hell On Earth (Final Version 320) by DANEJAH



“Our long time performance & release schedule in Drum & Bass eventually led to us include Dubstep music into our ‘Repertoire’ as well..

Just over a year ago, we embarked on a new form of music called DRUMSTEP which we are now seeing massive amounts of people gravitating toward.

Drumstep has fit securely into our performances & most recent productions. It has allowed us to bring something premier to peoples ears, along with the music (D&B/Dubstep) that we’ve all come to love.”~DD.

Dirty Deeds – STEP OFF: The Drumstep vs Dubstep Showdown. by DirtySynergy



1 Bassnectar – Teleport Massive
2 Taxman – Look what you’ve done
3 Heavy Hittahz – The Pearl
4 Dirty Deeds – Lose it
5 Original Sin – Without You
6 Lea Luna & Mike Balance – Thrill of the Chase (J Rabbit Remix)
7 Dirty Deeds – Captain Planet VIP
8 The Force – Darkside
9 Original Sin – Step on
10 Hazard – Wicked So
11 Dub Foundation – The Gunmen
12 Sqlosh – Step off
13 Danny Thunders & Blitz – War of the Worlds
14 Danny Thunders – F*ck ‘Ardcore

15 Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg – Next Episode (Jay Robinson Clubstep remix)
16 Rusko – Da Cali Anthem
17 Borgore – Foes (16 Bit F*ck Hoes remix)
18 Champur – Punisher
19 Birdman & Lil Wayne – Pop Bottles (Dirty Deeds VIP dub)
20 Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound – R U Ready (Dubstep mix)
21 Doctor P – Sweetshop
22 12th Planet – Reasons (Doctor P remix)
23 Flux Pavillion – Voscillate (Roxsonix Remix)
24 Barenoize – Chucky
25 Emalkay – When I look at You
26 Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar’s MEGA Bass remix)
27 J Messinian & Zound Collector – Terrorize




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