Ok, so by now, you should all know about the Generation Bass Festival 2010.

What a strong line-up, hey 🙂

Personally I’d like to thank Vince and all of the Incubate Team for making all of this possible cause were it not for them, this would not be happening, SIMPLE!

You know Tilburg’s a great little city and last year we were fortunate to have great weather and I hope we have the same this year.  Perfect kind of setting too for a Generation Bass block party but we’ll be having one of those on my home turf in Birmingham, UK in November as part of Drop Beats Not Bombs, more on that later this month 🙂

Last year was a blast, I met so many new people who I stayed good friends with since then and I’m really looking forward to extending the Generation Bass family welcome to all the new peeps on this new list.

These peeps are on the list cause we DIG them in a big way and wanna see them perform, simple as that and some because they just really so passionately wanted to perform at Generation Bass.

So we’re gonna try to put a spotlight on some of these artists as the weeks go by and today we’ll start with BBrave & Coco Bryce:



Handsome ain’t he, looking like a young Warren Beaty ahahahha, that’s our man, BBrave aka Benjamin Lebrave!

BBrave is the head honcho of the fabulous music label Akwaaba Music who you should be familiar with here on these pages as we’ve done many collaborative efforts with them.  Here’s what he says about the label:

Akwaaba Music links content creators from developing countries with global digital media markets. The initial cornerstone of Akwaaba Music is African music, with a focus on newer urban strains such as hiplife, coupé décalé and kuduro, as well as more traditional and acoustic music.

Go and check out the Akwaaba Music Blog HERE

Here’s a new mix from BBrave to give you an insight as to what to expect when he comes over to DJ!



Obroni Start Shakin by Akwaaba Music



We spent some time with Coco in Hungary recently at the Pecz Festival and man he was a great dude to hang out with, loads of fun and with a unique manner about him.

He’s a seriously gifted Skweee Producer too and here’s what he says about himself:

I run a blog, just like everyone else, except mine has a different name than most other blogs. It’s called 20 Shot Sequence. I stole the name from one of my favourite skate videos from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day.. A time when 101 still existed, World Industries was actually one of the coolest companies around, skaters wore really baggy shit, glitch hop and dubstep didn’t even exist and Big Brother was a stupendously ace magazine instead of a louzy tv show. You can visit my blog at

There’s quite a few free tunes up on there (his soundcloud account) from all kinds of artists.. well, actually, most of em are Skweee or Hip Hop Beat producers, but the tunes are for gratis, so who cares if it’s practically all the same, right?? Holla!!

Here’s his new mixtape off soundcloud and some other freebies from his bandcamp page:


Coco Bryce – 20 Shot Sequence Tape by cocobrycebeats

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