I’m dedictating the whole of today to Disco Fuentes, Aerofustan, FrankisnotRight and Los Rey De la Milanga below!

For me, this is  one of the most enjoyable Sexxy Cumbia’s that I feel I’ve put together for a while.  It really has got me XCITED again!

Loads of fresh and amazing sounds here, these dudes are ONES to watch!



The best “World Music” label in the world?

Well, they are in my book cause they introduced me to so much when I was still a teen and it it this label that introduced me to one of my great loves, Colombian Cumbia 🙂

Discos Fuentes, I salute you and if we, Generation Bass, could make even 2.5% the impact you have made in this world with our releases, then I’ll be a very happy man.

Great selection of CLASSSIC tracks here.  Unmixed and not all Cumbia but containing some of my all time favourite Cumbia tracks EVER!

Colombia discos fuentes by discos fuentes



From Argentina and that’s all I can tell you!

Amazing stuff here!

Cumbia Crunk, Electro-Cumbia, Cumbia Funka & Cumbia Lazer Chip N’ Crunk!

Flying flip flop by aerofustan

Gozo cual famoso (Sabroseo mix Julio 2010) by aerofustan

La pegajosa by aerofustan

Cumbia asesina by aerofustan



Don’t know anything bout’ these boyz save for they’re from Winnipeg, Canada and that their tunes are just SuBlimmmmmmmE!

cumbia la by FrankisnotRight

Eleccumbia by FrankisnotRight

Flamencumbia by FrankisnotRight

Cumbia triste by FrankisnotRight

Cumbia turca by FrankisnotRight

Los Reyes De La Milinga


Same with these dudes, nothing known except they’re from Cordoba, Argentina!

I’m sure if you ask, they’ll open up the downloads, maybe?

Pupos widow feat Negro Chetto & Mc Lucho-Los reyes de la milanga by losreyesdelamilanga

Cumbia rules the nation-Los reyes de la milanga by losreyesdelamilanga

Bittersweet cumbia-Los reyes de la milanga by losreyesdelamilanga

Pandora box-Los reyes de la milanga by losreyesdelamilanga

Tocarte toa-Los reyes de la milanga remix by losreyesdelamilanga

La cumbia vinyl-Los reyes de la milanga by losreyesdelamilanga

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