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1. Bar9 & Sky Ferreira

2. Fish Finger

3. Love & Light

4. Okulus Anomali

5. FJH

6. Skellum

7. Exotope

8. Eggchan

9. Magnetic Man



Bar9 Remixes America’s nu Teen-Pop sensation Sky Ferreira and I reckon this could just be the track that is gonna break Bar9 & DubSTeP in the states in a big, big way.  We’ll just have to wait and see!



Love what this dude does, a constant feature here on these hallowed pages.

It’s all good and well sticking up bangers every week but that’s not what we do here.  I’m interested in dubstep that makes me think as well as move and that has some musical element to it that may last beyond the latest dubstep fad.

Fish Finger is an artist who embraces music and that is always demonstrated through his work.  Going on from strength to strength, hence why I’m always happy to feature him whenever he has something new cause it’s always gonna be quality.

Grab A free download:

Fish Finger – Good For Everything by Fish Finger

Grab a free mix which contains some of his other stuff:

Fish Finger – 31 Minute’s [Deep Dubstep Promo Mix] *Download* by Fish Finger

1. Fish Finger – Whoa [Unreleased DUB]
2. Experiment1 – Angel Fall [CRSRDSEP008] (Forthcoming Crossroads Records August 1st)
3. Legend4ry – Forbidden Fruit [CRSRDSEP002
4. Fish Finger & Hardplace – Rise (Stressor Remix) [Unreleased DUB]
5. Occult Science – Enlightenment [Unreleased DUB]
6. Fish Finger – Sick In My Heart [Unreleased DUB]
7. Occult Science – Zion [Unreleased DUB]
8. Fish Finger – Sunday FREE DL Fish Finger
9. Legend4ry – The Past [CRSRDSEP002]

Stream a new track:

Fish Finger – The Life by Fish Finger



You all know about Love & Light aka Probiotik And 4centers but you might not know about Stephan Jacobs.  Well, I didn’t until I heard this via Love & Light.

Here’s what he says about himself:

Stephan Jacobs understands how to make people dance! It takes great songs and the skill to take the audience on an exciting journey through body moving music! Equally talented as a multi-genre producer (West Coast Crunk / Uptempo Dubstep/ Glitch House) and as a massive crowd rocker, Stephan has appeared at some of the world’s most prominent music festivals (Coachella) alongside a slew of genre defining artists. He has also released a strong collection of original material and remixes!

When he’s not forging a personal stake hold in the electronic dance music community, he also works on the collaborative project Kether, pushing his list of accomplishments into the forefront of the industry. 2010 brings the release of more original material which Stephan will use to keep the dance floors packed and jumping!

2 Xcellent free tracks here, can’t go wrong!

Love and Light & Stephan Jacobs – Sound A Da Bass (feat Naada) by Stephan Jacobs

The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Stephan Jacobs Remix) by Stephan Jacobs



Our bro’ Okulus did a guest Dubstep Monday post a few weeks back and he’s back this week with a terrific mix of Transnational dubstep fused with PopSTeP and straightforward dubstep, all the things we love here 🙂

Really been enjoying this mix and its the best mix he’s done to date  and here’s what he says:

Much gratitude goes out to GenerationBass for the Dubstep Mondays blog (and source of a few tracks on this mix)…as well as Partnerz N Grime, Pyro Fusion Entertainment &The Positive Vibe Movement for the support and continued inspiration.

Natural Selection – A Dubstep Dj Mix By Okulus Anomali by Okulus Anomali on Mixcloud

The mix is also available for Download here:

1) Tonolec vs Kromestar – Villa Diamante
2) Ford Fiesta – 16 Bit
3) Dhaaru Pee Ke – Specialist & Tru Skool (Liquid Stranger Remix)
4) California Dreaming – Mamas And The Papas (STYTE RMX)
5) No Sunshine – Distance
6) Freight Dub – Stagga
7) Big Up – Babylon System
8) Blipstream – Buraka Som Sistema & Skream
9) Rub A Dub – The Bassist & Roommate (Droid Sector Remix)
10)Something Else – Nero
11)Nurse Joy – Kitsune Soundsystem
13)Exile – Modestep
14)Bad Boy Bass – Gaudi (Liquid Stranger Tactical Reload)
15)September – Fleck
16)Creepers Crawlers – Liquid Stranger
17)These Sounds – Antiserum, Audio Angel, D-Program (Antiserum RMX)
18)Kamikaze – Antiserum & No Thing
19)Don’t Do That – Culprate
20)One – Liquid Stranger & Excision
21)Eye Sting U (Dubstep Alchemix) – Okulus Anomali



FJH practically lives here

He’s back with 2 great new tracks:

Something different…Big ups to Charles Francois Gounod!
Old bastard knew how to make tune back in a day!

FJH – CryStep VIP by FJH

1undread – Sometimes It’s Not Easy (FJH Dubstep Remix) — Unofficial Video Inside by FJH



This dude from Salt Lake City in the states is making some amazzing beats man, check these out, very original and quirky, just my cuppa.

The Soldier Ants track is just rocking my world at the minute..gloriousssss!

King Prawn by SKELLUM


Pop The Glock (skellum rmx) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by SKELLUM



Ok onto some down right naaaartsynesss!

Hey guys I haven’t really got to much to say….I’ve been producing for about 3 years now.  These are the songs I make….They often vary in genre due to my short attention span, one week I’ll uploaded a few chilled out dubby garage tracks, the next week its face smashing electro.

The first track is ULTRA-DOPE!

Exotope – Doom Union (Juvenile Scum Records) by EXOTOPE

Exotope – Out come the bats by EXOTOPE

Exotope – Mr.Finch by EXOTOPE



Ok, now for some FluffSTeP 🙂

Eggchan from Perth, Australia.

Catch Ya – Eggchan by Eggchan

The Cold Part – ModestMouse (Eggchan remix) by Eggchan



The first DubSTeP SuperGrouP, I think.

No doubt somebody will correct me if this is not the case but fellas don’t forget your manners..ehehehhe!

Extremely catchy but really a lot more PopSTeP than straight-forward DuBSTeP but I love it!

How do you think this compares to the SuperGrouPs of the 60’s/70’s like CREAM?

My opinion for what it’s worth, I think Cream “still” sound more underground than…


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