Continuing with our Generation Bass Festival coverage of artists who we gonna be jammin’ wid, here are another 2 super-coool dudes who we love very much!



Producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Dub Gabriel has been pushing the boundaries of rock, dub, world and electronic music for over a decade. His musical explorations in Brooklyn in the mid 90’s drew him to the outer limits of the New York scene where he got his start as a DJ at the legendary Limelight. His genre-bending style and hard-hitting sets launched him as a trailblazing figure in the New York underground club scene and gained him the attention of leading publications including Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine who hailed Dub Gabriel as “one to watch” in New York City.

Here’s also a great opportunity to cover his new EP – see the info below but firstly listen to and download this great free Liquid Stranger remix of a Dub Gabriel track:

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Dub Gabriel – Restless Youth EP

Dub Gabriel continues to push the musical envelope with his Restless Youth EP, delivering a deep and heavy dancehall-meets-dubstep scorcher. For the lead track, ‘No Lies’, Dub Gabriel has paired up with none other than MC Zulu (Poirier/Soulico), one of the most sought-after ragga vocalists in electronic music today – his newest track with Dub Gabriel is set to be one of this year’s hottest dance floor bangers!

Engineered by Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto/Hercules and The Love Affair), Restless Youth features 4 tracks, including the incendiary “No Lies”, the post-apocalyptic ‘Babylon Shall Fall’, the riddim treatment of ‘Set the Lazers to Destroy the Sun’ and, the dance floor crushing ‘Tactile Evasion’ – a remix of ‘No Lies’ from one of our favorite producers, Liquid Stranger. Once again mastered by Taylor Dupree of 12k, Restless Youth is definitely not for the faint of heart!

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DJ /Rupture is the pseudonym of Jace Clayton, a New York-based American DJ and producer. He used to play in the drum and bass collective Toneburst, and DJ’ed in Boston during the late 1990s. His standard setup, used to mix Gold Teeth Thief among other works, involves three turntables, on which he creates complicated mixes—such as one with a cappella vocals, the second with breakbeats, and the third with ambient effects.

DJ /Rupture’s first big break came in 2001 with Gold Teeth Thief, a mix which combines hip hop, ragga, breakcore, jungle, noise, modern classical and music from around the globe. His second mixtape Minesweeper Suite was an even greater success, with the UK music magazine The Wire calling it one of the 10 best records of 2002. A year later, /rupture produced Special Gunpowder, his most critically acclaimed album to date. He has appeared on John Peel’s BBC radio show twice, in addition to playing on The Breezeblock. /Rupture is also part of the musical group Nettle and runs his own label, Soot Records. In 2008, he co-founded a new label with Matt Shadetek, called Dutty Artz.

In addition to his music, /Rupture is becoming a well-known voice on the blog scene with musical and non-musical posts on his website, “Mudd Up!”. He also writes for other publications such as The Wire on a freelance basis. /rupture deejays a show also called “Mudd Up!” on Mondays, 7-8p.m. on WFMU.



Here’s something from one of Rupture’s commercial mixtape releases.  I’ve been into the Bidoun Sessions ever since it first came out mainly because there wasn’t and still isn’t anything quite like it.

The first track below, is of Nass El Ghiwane mashed with Dabrye’s Game Over.  This track was largely responsible for getting me into one of Morocco’s national musical treasures, Nass El Ghiwane.

I remember a few years back I was doing my compilation “Experience Morocco” which focuses on the contemporary Moroccan music scene.  That mash up made Nass El Ghiwane “sound” contemporary and so I spoke to Rupture about getting it licensed but in the end we couldn’t for some reason, which was a shame.

However, lucky for you, you can grab it for free together with another Kelis mash up track from the same mixtape!


DJ Rupture – Bidoun Sessions : excerpt from intro (2004) by djrupture

DJ Rupture – Bidoun Sessions mix CD excerpt (2004) by djrupture

5.a Kelis – Milkshake (Acappella)
5.b Ronin (2) – Slick Pretty
5.c Hecker – Untitled
5.d Poporc – Momieculture
6.a 113 – Tonton Du Bled
6.b Craig Thompson – H & K Riddim
7.a Nettle – GUT (Mehmet Irdel’s GUTted Remix)
7.b Buju Banton – Champion (Acappella)

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