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Caballo is back as Guest for another vintage Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.

DJ Umb has said he wants a bit more variety on the Saturday cumbia posts and so he has asked me to play to my strengths and  bring some of the cumbia masters into play. As I’m originally from Colombia, of course it’s part of my musical history.

How ghetto is ghetto? This Sexxy Saturday Cumbia is Dedicated to the most underrated KINGS of Cumbia tropical..

The king of the ghetto!! Noel Petro aka Burro Mocho.

Note: (I am going to share some of my very own music collection i’ve collected over the years)

Social prejudices have played a major role in music achievements; before the computer era it was nearly impossible for poor musicians to become mainstream without the help of a wealthy sponsor – namely label, manager, mentor- although we can have millions of exception in where the poor guy made it big with no help.

Noel is one of those great examples, in where poor musicians who already were dealing and getting frustrated because it was very hard to record, get decent gear, to press, to release and to distribute their music with the media against them or with no media coverage, Made it BIG ..BIG TIME!!!!!

This lack of investment, created one of the most underrated, influential and loved/hated artists in Latin America.

Widely known and adored in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru…and so on Noel Petro is the Father of Electro Cumbia!!
Listen and SAVE THIS JEWEL!!
Noel Petro – El Rock And Rock Del Sapo

Cumbia-roll, a massive, danceable, laughable, and extremely visionary rhythm from the 60’s and 70’s drove people crazy!!

Being a luthier, Petro had to design his “requinto” his own guitars and pedals in order to get the sound he wanted!!!

This is perhaps one of his biggest hits!!
Noel Petro – La Papaya

All the planet was going bananas with rock… Petro brought it; blended with cumbia, african soukous, chucu chucu..
Finally a Rock And Roll for the Masses!!!
This one is not Petro’s Version.. this one is Carlos Roman of the very very well

When you sing:

“Hello mister, smoking too,or watching drinking all whisky?

Oiga mi rumba, o rock and roll, o de Columbia merecumbé(bis)

You like baby You like woman My good friend very very very very weeeell..”

People absolutely loved their very own rock and roll!! with a high cost for petro 🙁

Posh people and purist basically banned his music from the media, sending him to “el pueblo” ( THE PEOPLE’s) radio stations, and only popular and very “low educated people” liked and bought his music.
Listeners who understood english and were into rock and also people who enjoyed elite cumbia never gave him the credit for his visionary sound.

Until these days his music is considered “ghetto”.
Whoever says:” i have/love EL BURRO MOCHO’s ” music has to explain why.
He was the artist from the people to the people.

His lyrical content is either really funny or very conscious! CABEZA DE HACHA is with no doubt, his best in lyrical content.
Recorded by many..including Ruben Blades, Lizandro Meza, Diomedez Diaz..
I wish you guys understood these lyrics!!

And YES!! he is the God father of Champeta’s guitar !!
His influence was so notorious that Hector Buitrago from Aterciopelados had to have him in his solo project!!
Watch him @ 2:45 til the end!!

Last song of this post

Noel Petro – El Burro Mocho


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