We and you, are very lucky today to have an xclusive from one of the American pioneers and reigning kinGs of the DrumSTeP scene, The Dirty Deeds.

If you recall we briefly covered these dudes a few weeks ago HERE as part of the DrumSTeP friday post in which, and much to to the astonishment of the DrumSTeP scene, Ozzy made a special guest appearance…lol…

DrumSTeP, of course, has not yet been fully accepted as a sub-genre all on its own.  Some say it’s just DnB or half time DnB, whilst others are all embracing of the term including our goodselves 😉

Here’s what another respected source, GenXGlow.FM Radio,  says:

Many of us that pay attention to post-modern sub-genres in today’s electronic music culture would have some difficulty putting this fresh and unfamiliar term into perspective. The answer is simple; Half-step Drum and Bass. Tunes still weigh in at 170 to 180 BPM and possess that intoxicatingly wompy drum pattern with the snare hitting at the 3rd beat of every bar instead of the doctrinal 2nd or 3rd. The low end bass structure is slowed down to half, giving it a Dubstep feel.

Let’s leave those arguments behind for the moment and focus on the chiefs of today.

Here take a listen to what they’re all about, this is gonna BLOW U AWAY!


Dirty Deeds – Lose It (Drumstep Mix) CLIP DDIG #007 by DirtySynergy

Ok man, let’s get on with the Interview:


For those who might not be familiar with who you are, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

We’re Dirty Deeds (SDF1 & Blitz), a couple of fun-lovin’ guys from the L.A. (Los Angeles, California) area who enjoy making music.  Dating many years back, we’ve headlined & been supporting artists on many BIG events and acts here for quite sometime.

For several years we produced Jump Up/Dancefloor style Drum & Bass for several labels in the UK and here in the states.. Our long time performance & release schedule eventually led us to include Dubstep tunes into our repertoire as well.

Shortly after this we embarked on the production & performance of the Drumstep genre, which has become quite a secure fit for us at this time. Of course we still include many styles of DNB & Dubstep into our sets, because really we just like going BIG with the music we play.


How would you describe your musical style?

BIG Fun energetic intense music that you can party, drive around or walk your dog to.

How would you define Drumstep?

Drumstep is… well how about we let people decide by listening. 😉

When did you first hear Drumstep?

We were on the search for Mokele-Mbembe, when off in the distance….

Who would you credit as starting it all off?

Dunno for sure, but we’d like to thank Gregory Sylvester Coleman for his input.

A lot of people say it’s no different to Drum and Bass and does not need a new name like Drumstep, what are your views on this?

Jungle, Tech step, Jump Up, liquid, nuero funk, hardstep, drumfunk, clownstep, dubstep, J Tek…

Is there a Drumstep scene anywhere, and if so, what new names do we need to look out for coming from this scene?

It’s definitely emerging that’s for sure.  We’re seeing more quality artists play it around, and more fans gravitating toward it.

Artists new and established alike are producing it as well:

Dub Foundation
Danny Thunders
Stick Bubbly
Macky Gee
Mischief & Mayhem
And many more talented artists as well.


Tell us a little about some of your past & upcoming projects/releases.

Our Captain planet VIP tune came out early this year and was widely accepted by many including DNB Legend Grooverider, who played/rewound it on his BBC Radio 1 show.
Just recently we released ‘Lose It’ on our label and that tune includes vocals by one of us (Blitz), expect the Dubstep remix of this tune out soon as well.

Comin out soon is our Drumstep remix of ‘Hearts Under Fire’ by Vocalist Lea Luna, set for release on Reid Speed’s PLAY ME records.  Much more to come as well.


Please give us your TOP 5 Records, dance or otherwise!

In no particular order:

1. Goldie – Timeless
2. Dillinja – Twist em out
3. Prince – Let’s go crazy
4. Wu tang Clan – wu tang forever
5. Vince Black – Standing up for love

Who/what are your musical influences, music or otherwise?

Life experiences mostly.  The world around us / Crowd Reactions.

Your all-time favourite song/piece of music?

Is that possible?!


What is next on your musical agenda?

More releases of our music on various labels including ours. Also more drumstep releases by us and other artists on our own Dirty Digital label.

Oh, and we’re getting the live band back together for Dirty Deeds, something we haven’t done since 2008. This will include our music as well as other big tunes with live instrumentation as well.

Where do you see yourself in another 5 years time?

Making music & having fun.

If there is one thing you would like to say to the world, what would it be?

Love – Life – Music.

Do your good works while your here on earth & don’t let ANYONE stand in your way. Most people who try to stifle what you do or say you can’t do something are afraid to do it themselves.

Let the music take you to a higher more positive level.


I couldn’t agree more man with that last statement!

Awesome stuff guys, thanks so much from all of us here at Generation Bass.

I already feel that we’ve just spoken to boyz who are gonna go on and make it MASSIVE and that we’re very lucky to have had this brief opportunity to chat with them, cause soon they might be far too BIG to talk to

Grab this XCLUSIVE free choon that we’ve been given especially for all of you Generation Basers’ from these cool dudes, it’s an AWESOME DrumSTeP remix of a Kosheen track:

Kosheen – Hide U (Dirty Deeds DrumSTeP Remix)

To finish, listen to that awesome mix again:

Dirty Deeds – STEP OFF: The Drumstep vs Dubstep Showdown. by Dirty Deeds = Drumstep



1 Bassnectar – Teleport Massive
2 Taxman – Look what you’ve done
3 Heavy Hittahz – The Pearl
4 Dirty Deeds – Lose it
5 Original Sin – Without You
6 Lea Luna & Mike Balance – Thrill of the Chase (J Rabbit Remix)
7 Dirty Deeds – Captain Planet VIP
8 The Force – Darkside
9 Original Sin – Step on
10 Hazard – Wicked So
11 Dub Foundation – The Gunmen
12 Sqlosh – Step off
13 Danny Thunders & Blitz – War of the Worlds
14 Danny Thunders – F*ck ‘Ardcore

15 Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg – Next Episode (Jay Robinson Clubstep remix)
16 Rusko – Da Cali Anthem
17 Borgore – Foes (16 Bit F*ck Hoes remix)
18 Champur – Punisher
19 Birdman & Lil Wayne – Pop Bottles (Dirty Deeds VIP dub)
20 Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound – R U Ready (Dubstep mix)
21 Doctor P – Sweetshop
22 12th Planet – Reasons (Doctor P remix)
23 Flux Pavillion – Voscillate (Roxsonix Remix)
24 Barenoize – Chucky
25 Emalkay – When I look at You
26 Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar’s MEGA Bass remix)
27 J Messinian & Zound Collector – Terrorize

Dirty Deeds web links:




Drumstep vs Dubstep Mix:

Dirty Deeds – Captain Planet VIP

Dirty Deeds – Lose it:

Dirty Digital Music Label:


  1. Would it be possible to give more basic patterns of different musical styles? Especially to divide various Genres? I still have problems to put a border between Raverton, Cumbia, Merengue, Mambo…. and many more 🙂

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