Just grabbed this from our homie, Ben of Akwaaba music, who in turn was introduced to it by Catherine Barnes.

This track is really NUTZ but original and I LOVE it!!!!

The first part sounds like a funked up female Fela Kuti complete with Rooster crows and then the second half descends into a kind of acoustic gospel blues!

I mean look at the title “Sosomoneycockplease”.

Break down that

I’m sure the “cock” in the title refers to the animal but who knows!

I think this is an artist to keep your eye on, as this video and track indicates that we can expect some very interesting stuff to come from this artist.

Apparently you can grab Sosomoneycockplease from iTunes.

You can also hear more from Edoheart at her My Space.  Other tracks on their are not as catchy as “Sososmoneycockplease” and some blur the lines between songs and poetry/spoken performance in experimental avante-garde fashion!


  1. If you actually know Nigerian music, then you understand
    Fela Kuti – > Lagbaja – > Edoheart !
    Fela would be proud of this woman!

    1. @ An Actual Nigerian Person 🙂 I’m not Nigerian but I felt I understood that and hence why I made the connection 🙂

  2. Sorry, that was stupid of me to say, wrong even. The song, and esp the video production, are cool. It was more the writer’s comparison to Fela Kuti, which to me seems so off and was left unexplained. Buy hey, I’m neither Nigerian nor a Nigerian music expert, so what do I really know.

  3. African music is too busy copying American R&B rap. This woman doing poetic dance avant garde stuffs is very futuristic place for Nigerian music. Fela was futuristic. Nobody knew what to call it! It was performance art and pure craziness and social complaining. Somebody should translate her lyrics though becos some might not understand its a bit interesting. Did you see this?

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