Hello all,

I’m sorry but this is mostly a french speakers post special. Quickly, just to give some news of what’s happening in eastern suburbia of Paris. Listen global, act local !

First of all, we’ve got finaly our radio show. Every wednesday, on local radio Vallée FM, 98,4FM if you are in Paris, or eastern suburbs. This is a great radio, with much interesting shows. Like the Wa’agwaan show, a 1998 born dancehall show. Our show is called Global Bass (original name, isn’t it ?) and it will be on wednesday from 9 to 10 at evening.

Check it out.

Here is the first show. Feel free to dl it. This one was focused on two different “styles”, Baltimore Club and Balkan Beats musics, and we haven’t forgoten our musical classics with some Nora Dean, James Brown, and king of electric Mali Idrissa Soumaoro… It is a french speaking show, but hey, you can understand the music !

Globalbass n°1. Bmore sur Danube by videomit

You can check out website and the radio station Vallée FM website

By the way, we will organize a monthly guest DJ show, feel free to contact us if you want to stream one of your mix in France. Every music style is welcome, if it has bass innit.

Colonna-L’armata di l’ombra. Concept album soon !

This a video trailer I’ve done for my friend Colonna, originaly from Corsica, and now living in Paris. He will release the 11th of October his new concept album, full of dark and abstract hip-hop and instrumental. With his music, he gives us part of Corsica’s identity. But hey, no politics in here, just ambiance, dark but efficient.

Check out l’armata di l’ombra by Colonna. Soon to be released on Itunes too.
It reminds me that I’ve lot of things to tell about french hip-hop, especially in the golden years, the 90’s.

Peace y’all, and sorry for this extra-promo post.


  1. Right on! The first time I heard B’more was on The Wire, and I thought, “Waaa? Gangstas listen to … House?” Clearly I didn’t know my gangstas nor my B’more club…

    Y’avais un moment j’habitais a Creteil, mais plus maintenant. Waddup Banlieu 94! 😉

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