From the tropical side of Cuba to the foggy side of UK, From the Spanish guitar to the electric breakcore of Cumbia

Salsa, drum n bass and dubstep!!

Caballo & TMFK- Azucah by caballo

NOISIA, ed rush & Optical goes back to Drum N Bass roots
Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical – Brain Bucket (VSN009) by NOISIA

THIS ONE IS VERY…VERY ..ORIGINAL.. you need to listen to it til the twist!! LOVING IT
Hostile Hams – Expeditions (V2) [Free 320kbps download] by Hostile Hams

Buckethead has been one of my fav guitar players since the 90’s..and he’s got the dubstep treatment!!
Buckethead – Sketches of Spain- (Meltus WiiWub) by MeltusRiddler

HEY!!! GUYS!! you have to check this amazing cumbia!!!
Back to the water (back to the cumbia refix)
Back to the water (back to the cumbia refix) by polymiller by arturomorgado

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