Continuing with our festival feature, here’s another 2 artists who’ll be jamming with us at our festie:



Taken from the Incubate site:

El-B (real name Lewis Beadle) is a British electronic music producer, who produces mainly hip hop, 2 step and UK garage. He is also noted as a pioneer of the dubstep genre.

The roots of dubstep were sown in a shed at the end of a winding garden path in Streatham. Paid for by the funds of a failed album deal, overgrown with blackberry bushes and built by hand by the crew themselves, the shed contained Ghost studios, where during the night hours, El-B and the camp built a sound all of their own. Edgier than UK garage but sexier than the cold onslaught drum & bass was moving into, the Ghost sound was unique. “I try and marry the beautiful with the ugly,” explained El-B in an interview at the time.

The effect of this sound was apparent, as producer after local producer, from Skream to Kode9, Slaughter Mob and later Burial, became influenced by it. Eight years later, as dubstep blossoms into an international phenomenon, it remains peerless. Burial, undoubtedly the genre’s largest act, was quick to pay homage to El-B’s indivisible sense of rhythm in interviews. “The thing about those drums: they’re still the future” he insisted before his first album. “It’s not a lost art – people still don’t know how to do those drums. It’s an unknown thing. It’s like the last fucking secret left in music: how you do those drums. I’ve tried…”

This is from SlickNFresh

2010 looks set to be a big year for El-B, with his re-emergence from his recent musical slumber causing quite a stir with the new and old faces of the dubstep world. In April, Ghost will release the ‘Nu-Levels‘ album, featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of J Da Flex, Skream, MRK-1, Zed Bias, and Heny G – but what has really been causing a stir is the rumours of an El-B vs Burial collaboration, a mouth watering prospect to say the least!

Preceding that he has the ‘Lets Get Greazy‘ 12″ out soon with J Da Flex, as well as the ‘Dirty‘ E.P dropping late Feb/early March on Night Audio. You can keep up to date with the latest new over at El-B’s MySpace

Download El-B’s guest mix: SnF Presents Ghost




Headhunter is a dubstep producer / DJ from Bristol, England. Starting off with twitchy minimal half-step rhythms on the label Ascension he set up with flat-mate Tech Itch (aka Technical Itch), his sound now occupies a niche section of the dubstep scene, sitting comfortably between the ultra-heavy bass styles of Skream and Benga, and the deeper Berlin influenced techno side of the dubstep coin.

Headhunter – Dub War Podcast 09 by Surefire

1. Haxan – Demdike Stare – Forthcoming Modern Love
2. Dublicator – Liquid Subsance – Deep In Dub
3. Orphan 101 – Dubplate
4. Pavel & Pinch – Jellybean – Dub
5. DFRNT – Headspace (Scuba Remix)
6. Dissident – Silver Society (Headhunter Remix) – Hot Flush
7. Aligning Minds – Zeke – Forthcoming Transistor
8. Headhunter – Sex At The Prom – Forthcoming Tempa
9. Jack Sparrow – Untitled – Dub
10. Addison Groove – Chasing Dragons – Dub
11. DJ Madd – Someone (Breakage Remix)
12. Rob Sparx – Bloodbath – Forthcoming Z Audio
13. F – See The Light – Forthcoming 7Even
14. DJG – Avoid The Noid (Headhunter Remix)
15. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor Remix)
16. Jack Sparrow – Terminal – Techonic
17. Moderat – A New Error (Headhunter’s Answr Error Rmx) – 50 Weapons
18. Kryptic Minds – Archangel – Dub
19. Headhunter – 3 Mad P’s – Forthcoming Tempa
20. Headhunter & F – Dedale – Forthcoming Transistor
21. Synkro – Angels – Dub
22. Headhunter – Default – Dub
23. Badawi – Lost Highway (Headhunter Remix) – the Index
24. Headhunter – Ginneys – Dub
25. Distance – Twilight – Dub

Headhunter – Juke Mix December 2009 by Headhunter

Headhunter LIVE AV Dubstep / Techno Performance @ Stuk, Belgium from VectorMeldrew on Vimeo.

Of course Headhunter also has an alias, Addison Groove:


1 Dynamix ii – Just Give The DJ A Break
2 Detroit Grand PuBahs – Sandwiches
3 Submersible Machines – Cold Seep
4 Altered Natives – Crop Duster
5 Mosca – Square One – Julio Bashmore longhorn remix
6 Mosca – Nike
7 Girl Unit – Shade One
8 Ramadanman – Work Them
9 Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
10 Andrea Parker – Freaky Bitches
11 Addison Groove – Work It
12 Mr Dee – Time Space Scrilla
13 Addison Groove – Sexual
14 Rashad & Spinn – Transported
15 Rashad – Freakin Me On The flo
16 Leatherface – King Kong
17 Rashad – Get Down And Make Em Freak
18 Rashad – Drop Out Juke

To find out more about the Incubate Festival ( and pls don’t forget Generation Bass is only a small part of it), tickets and other info, head over to the main festival site INCUBATE 2010.

You can also download the FULL GUIDE HERE.


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