On behalf of all at Generation Bass, just wanna wish Man Recordings a Happy 5th Birthday and 50th release.  Here’s to the next 5 years.

Generation Bass probably would not exist were it not for Man Recordings and so we owe them a huge debt and are thankful for their inspiration throughout the years.

Personally, I think more than any other label, they managed to push Baile Funk and club music, with a “world music” flava (Transnational Club Beats), along the same path as mainstream commercial dance music.  That, for me, is a great achievement and something that I would love to try to emulate with our own Generation Bass label.

Not only were the beats, innovative and unique, they were also cool and hip, thereby attracting a younger audience.

Anyway, just watch this video as the Dons of the dance world pay their respects…Feadz…Diplo….Switch..Herve…Jesse Rose and many others…

VALEU – Celebrating 5 Years of Man Recordings from Man Recordings on Vimeo.

Also find out more about the 5th Anniversary Party HERE!

Here’s Beware’s awesome mix celebrating some of the best moments of the legendary Man Recordings catalogue:


1. DJ Edgar “Be Goes On”
2. DJ Edgar “Coraçao Do Funk”
3. DJ Sandrinho “Pumpere Up”
4. Sany Pitbull “Tribos”
5. DJ Sandrinho “Montagem Percuca”
6. Sinden+Count Of Monte Crystal feat. MC Thiaguinho “Tamborzuda”
7. Makossa+Megablast feat. Gaiola As Popozudas “Late Que Eu To Passando”
8. Seiji feat. MC Dolores “Todo Mundo”
9. Scottie B feat. MC Bill “Mais Ela”
10. DJ Sandrinho “Berimbau”
12. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz ” Jece Veladao”
13 MC Gringo “Pula Cuecas”
14 Feadz feat. MC Wes “Subeu Desceu”
15 Dj Beware ft. MC Gringo “Tamborzao Con Scratchy”
16 Genghis Clan ft. Mr. Catra “Gatinha”
17 Daniel Haaksman “Kid Conga” (Instrumental)
18 Deize Tigrona “Toca Pra Mim” (acapella)
19 MC Betta “Jogo de Bilhar” (acapella)
20 Seiji “Basslips”
21 Edu K “Gatas” (acapella)
22 Zombie Disco Squad feat. MC Oscar “Danca Do Zumbi”
23 Bert On Beats “Alemao” (Roulet remix)
24 Bert On Beats “Zulu Airlines”
25 KU BO feat. Joyce Muniz “Boha”
26 Schlachthof Bronx feat. MC Gringo + MC Nem “Fock me Avontade”
27 Schlachthof Bronx feat. Spoek Mathambo + Gnucci Banana ” Ayoba”
28 Dj Sandrinho “Italian Lento”
29 Beware & Motorpitch feat. MC Iguinho “Novinha do Brasil”
30 Edu K feat Deize Tigrona “Sex O Matic” (Solid Groove remix)
31 Daniel Haaksman “Purr Na Na”
32 Man Recordings All Stars feat. MC Jennifer “Valeu!”



Also there is the 5th Anniversary compilation, which is truly KILLA!

Heres what Man Rec’s say:

Today we´ve received a box of Japanese pressings of the “Valeu” compilaton on CD which you can buy now directly from Man Recordings for 10,- € plus shipping only! As we are not manufacturing CDs any longer, we licensed the compilation to HYDRA Records from Tokyo, who were happy to release our complation in Nippon. Just order the CDs through [email protected]!!

Grab a free track from it:

Zombie Disco Squad – Dança Do Zumbi by MANRECORDINGS

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