Volume 15 of a series that just seems to be going from strength to strength.

This one is probably my personal favourite so far.

A new walk across the Soundamerica gardens, this time with Alta Joya and Condor.

Alta Joya is the pseudonym of our friend and partner in crime Vic Fabrice.
Basically, Vic is like a factory of waves: generates movement in everything she does: dj, blogger, art truth seeker and dancefloor shaker.
Born and raised in Mendoza, currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When she is at Cooliado dimension is a kitty-cute-cat.Just like when she walks in this side of the Matrix.

About Condor, we know very little, almost nothing.  Except that he is a visual artist, a massive fan of the Soundamerica project and lives somewhere in the Andes.

He said that no matter where it comes from, (though to be honest has suspense), but where he is: you have 7500 kilometers of mountains to find him.


Soundamerica vol.15 selected by Alta Joya


Unknown – Tapiti
Caracol_Tremor ( Chancha Via Circuito remix)
Morenada_Savia Andina
María La O_Charanga Habanera
Carro de Fuego_Orquesta Guayacan
Chickoky_CJ Castro
Abrazame_Los Rakas (Uproot Andy remix)
Toma Juizo_MC Galo
El nuevo paso de camina_Scaredem Fish
.Music selected by Alta Joya
.Cover Illustration by Condor
.Graphic Design by G.Piacenza

.Produced and released by Hipi Duki Muzik
.Presented by Generation Bass
.Creative Commons License

.Hipi Duki Muzik
Barcelona, Buenos Aires
August, 2010.


  1. hey brother,
    you always have nice words about my work,
    i think we’re just two sensitive people (so sensitive) who can see the beauty in the same things,..
    maybe a lil’ corny (i’m TOO corny and u know that) but if you look carefully, love is everywhere (and that’s what i want to show when i make a mixtape)



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