One of my personal faves and an outstanding find for me in 2009.

In 2010 he’s proven me right.

His music has EMOTION!  It connects with me in a BIG way.  Perhaps it’s the melancholic feel that permeates most of his tracks that appeals to me most?  A post apocalyptic doom but beset with a hopeful romanticism.

Some other artists doing  similair kind of stuff are hyped all over the net but imho, many of them don’t hold a candle next to NastyNasty.  Yet he is not getting the same kind of exposure from the critics but that’s not unusual is it.

Best of all, like most other GREATS, NastyNasty does not wallow in his greatness. He remains humble and a little shy.  Maybe a little embarassed too by some of the fan commotion that’s been surrounding him for the past 8 months or so, when he really seems to have started making an impact.

So, here he is with his new EP Puke Paint and here’s what he says:

I wrote this e.p. in the springtime of this year having; just come back from tour, just exiting a bad relationship and just entering the world of a “professional musician”(i cringe at the thought of the term). The title comes from feeling so inspired to create it became an uncontrollable beast. I could not go a day without working on music and my fascination with the use of vocals expanded into new territory… voices blasting forth colour into digital soundscapes.

For me, it’s a great EP, but I think his best is yet to come.

Stream a couple of tracks and grab another freebie below.

NastyNasty – Toxenne **OUT SEPT. 14th!** by fritenite

NastyNasty – Bleeding **OUT SEPT 14th!** by fritenite


Puke Paint – Official release date: sept 14th 2010

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