Yep, we’ve gone way over the 1 MILLION visitors mark, we’ve just been so busy that we did not manage to get around to announcing it until now!!!

So OVER 1 MILLION VISITORS to our blog, INCREDIBLE, even judging by our own very high standards, we never expected this!!!!!

THANK YOU to EVERYBODY, even to our HATERS (lol), for coming here and making up this HUGE number for us.

BIG THANKS for reading our bullshit, listening to the great music we post here and generally just hanging out and making a pest of yourselves 😉

BIG, BIG thanks also to all our contributors to the blog who come from all over the world!

The Generation Bass family is GLOBALISTICA:

Big thanx to Caballo in Canada via Colombia!

Big thanx to Hipi Duki/Doma Tornados in Barcelona, Spain via Argentina!

Big thanx to Greg/Dexterity in South Africa!

Big thanx to Process Rebel in Holland via USA!

Big thanx to Seb in Belgium via Holland!

Big thanx to Tim Videomite in Paris, France!

Big thanx to Zuzuka in NYC, USA via Brazil/Indonesia!

Big thanx to Frederic Galliano in France!

Big thanx to FLeCK, Sicily via Athens, Greece & Okulus Anomali USA via Hungary, for their Dubstep Monday contributions!

Finally, a big thanks to me, lol, UMB in Birmingham, England & to Vince/SDP in Tilburg, Holland!

I think many of you will agree, that Generation Bass has started to evolve into something quite unique and original, and that’s where we see ourselves heading more and more.

We’ve had quite an unbelieveable year and we seriously didn’t expect many of the things that have happened for us, collectively and individually, throughout this year.

I’m not sure what’s going to be happening from now on, as we never expect anything really, but we’ll just keep plugging away and see what transpires and comes our way 🙂

As you’ll be aware, our Digi Label will be up and running this month, and we’re all really looking forward to some of the releases we have planned.

The first one will be by Herr Muller:


Also this month we have the Generation Bass Festival!


To celebrate reaching 1 MiLLION,  we’re “giving away”, yes, “giving away”, one of the most UNIQUE Cumbia albums you’re ever gonna hear.

Our resident Cumbia artist, Sonido Del Principe, just invented “Transnational Cumbia”!



-all that she wants cumbia
-cumbia triste
-dabke cumbia
-daniel peixoto cumbia
-dear mamita (2pac remix)
-get hi cumbia edit
-hydro riddim refixx (stereotyp remix)
-inztrumentz cumbia dub
-islamabad cumbia
-la curura crushed cumbia
-luomo dub
-middle eastern cumbia
-uh dub



  1. And you definitely earn it, I follow from Germany and without you I wouldn’t stand at that point, where I do with my dj style and the musical knowledge I have.

    Thanks for that!

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