Wanted to post this again on its own, cause I think it’s just the best thing SDP had done, thus far to date.

I feel he has really taken Transnational Cumbia to a new level with some of the tracks on this album.

Tracks like “Cumbia Triste”, “Dabke Cumbia”, “Islamabad Cumbia”, “La Curura”, “Luomo Dub” and “Middle Eastern Cumbia” have just elevated Cumbia to a truly Transnational level.  It’s the most awesome shit I’ve heard in “Nu Cumbia”, well, since some of his previous stuff, a few years back in the same style.

Alongside the Transnational vybz you also have some great pop & hip hop cumbia mash ups, just truly AWESOME!

SDP is starting work on an album for the Generation Bass digital label for official release next year.  Of course it will be full of original tracks, and it’s an almighty prospect cause some of the ideas he has for it are like “WOW”!!

In the meantime, do not stall on grabbing hold of this BEAUTY!


-all that she wants cumbia
-cumbia triste
-dabke cumbia
-daniel peixoto cumbia
-dear mamita (2pac remix)
-get hi cumbia edit
-hydro riddim refixx (stereotyp remix)
-inztrumentz cumbia dub
-islamabad cumbia
-la curura crushed cumbia
-luomo dub
-middle eastern cumbia
-uh dub


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