Beats Antique drops a new album this week titled ‘Blind Threshold’. I don’t really know what that means.. but I dig this Bollywood style cover art with producer and stage dancer Zoe Jakes as star the of the show. To really get the full effect of Beats Antique you need to see them live and up close with Zoe (and often other guest dancers) writhing around the set and getting into their dance performance art trip. Nurtured by the culture of festivals like Burning Man, Lollapalooza and Lightning In A Bottle – it’s the kind of thing that has been happening for years in California’s Bay Area and Beats Antique have spread the vibe through the US on tours with fellow Bay Area heads like Bassnectar and Les Clypool (Primus).

Here’s a video from a performance a few weeks ago to get an idea of what I mean.

Here’s one from the new album that they’re giving away.
Beats Antique-Egyptic by INgroovesmarketing

And here’s a remix they recently did for Mix-n-Blend that has really nice glitched and warped horns and some wonderful piano stabs. I really dig this one!
I Got… by Mix n Blend, Narch (Beats Antique Remix) by beatsantique

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