Ok, so I get an e-mail from Simon Schmid aka Pushking Noize and here’s what he says:

I am a frequent reader of generationbass.  I was recently in mozambique for some days to collaborate with artists there.  I had the chance to get in touch with dama do bling, who is a top ten artist there, female mc and very talented, but I guess, that you already heard of her. We went to the studio together and she voiced on one of my beats.  Its kind of experimental hiphop style beat, but i receive good feedback and I thougth, that you might be interested in it.

Yes we were and you can hear that below but first here’s somebody he hooked me up with in Mozambique, who really peaked my interest:


Buleja by Tillup

I know nothing more about him than this:

I recorded this tracks during my stay in Moçambique in spring 2010 with different artists and finished / remixed them afterwards with swiss artists. The mozambican artists are Mozline and Dj Raiz (Pemba), Dj Greceu (Ilha de Moçambique) and Dama do Bling (Maputo). The swiss artists are Raph (Bern), Shares the Love (Zürich), Pushking Noize (Zürich), Vincent Glanzmann (Zürich) and Beni Pogonatos (Zürich).



Pushking Noize started his career as a rapper in the most legendary rap crew in town, Vertigo Stylez. Along with his brilliant rapping skills, that he has been developing since day one, he also produces beats. With the combination of style and talent, Pushking Noize created hits that have been put in rotation on the national radio stations. As a producer for Inferno Muzik, Pushking Noize has been working on a nu genre of music, called Electro-Rap. In the meantime, he is the brainchild of high-quality productions and remixes, that he preferably plays at the climax of parties. He is constantly looking ahead for the freshest sounds as an inspiration, and always prepared to keep the crowd moving- all night at the Nasty Trash party-series where he spins as a DJ.

A collaboration between the swiss producer pushking noize and the mozambique rap queen dama do bling. recorded in maputo.

Dama do Bling – Champion (Prod. by Pushking Noize) by Pushking Noize

3rd place on the Mixpack Records Remix Contest:

Now remastered for you!

Natalie Storm – Look pon Me (Pushking Noize Remix) by Pushking Noize

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