Moombathon is taking the world, Cumbia is getting stronger and more Mainstream, so what’s up with Brazil?
Baile funk..Samba? Of course!! Thanks to Man Recs we all have seen the arise of it!!!
From my beloved Brazil..the second country i know about music the most (after Colombia)
i am soo happy to show!!
Carimbó Pra Maria (Luico K remix)
<a href="">Carimbó Pra Maria (Luico K remix) by Mais Um</a>

Recife D’água (DJ Dolores’ Dub Remix)
<a href="">Recife D&#8217;água (DJ Dolores’ Dub Remix) by Mais Um</a>

Mangue bit can be divided into two distinct waves: the first in the early 1990s led by the music groups Chico Science & Nação Zumbi
and The New Wave
In where you can feel there is an interaction from all the brazilian roots n’ outside influences and also an international flavor keeping a strong brazilian identity.
Brazil has been influenced from all sort of music in the past decade, i’d say more than any other country of S. America. and it is reflected in their new stuff!!
Samba de Pacto
<a href="">Samba De Pacto by Mais Um</a>
Gaita Mestra
<a href="">Gaita Mestra (Cock Soup Mix) by Mais Um</a>

FREE DOWNLOAD called Lero Lero!!
“Lero-Lero” is a slang term that translates as an informal, aimless conversation. A deconstructed samba about two friends from a ghetto on the outskirts of São Paulo who have each other’s backs whenever trouble arises.
Gets this sweet song from Luisa Maita!!

<a href="">Lero-Lero &#8211; FREE DOWNLOAD!! by Luísa Maita</a>

Finally for this BRAZILIAN POST
I had to post Bootie Rio’s MEGA MIXTAPE
MIXTAPE BOOTIE RIO LADRÕES DE MÚSICA by bootierioladroesdemusica
Download here if you want the individual tracks
1 Sweet Tim Maia – Black Sabbath vs. Tim Maia – Brutal Redneck

2 I can’t stand crazy love – Police vs. Queen – Amoraboy

3 I Want All Maneater – Hall & Oates vs. Queen – Morgoth

4 – Superstitous Gipsy – Stevie Wonder vs. Gipsy King – Micmash

5 All tequila ladies – Beyonce vs. Perez Prado – Lucio K

6 Orinoco is in the heart – Dee-Lite vs. Enya – Faroff

7 DVNO vs Bennny Benassi vs Fergailicious – Leo Justi (INÉDITA)

8 Lazy Dancer – Silversun Pickups vs. Yuksek – The Kleptones

9 1999 Dance – Prince vs. Chemical Bros – Lucio K

10 Everybody danse on drug – Ke$ha vs. Stromae vs. Backstreet Boys vs. S Club 7 vs. Who da Funk – Mashup Germany

11 Flik Flok – Ke$ha vs. Dizzee Rascal – The Kleptones

12 Upside love game – Lady Gaga vs Diana Ross – Lucio K

13 Treasure Stinky Fingers – Treasure Fingers vs. Furacão 2000 – André Paste

14 Jonathan plays the Corneta Wobbling Real Fast – Furacão 2000 vs Dj Sega – Leo Justi

15 Um tapinha no paradise – Guns’n’Roses vs. MC Beth – João Brasil

16 Sardines getn down – Radiohead vs Flo Rida – Leo Justi

17 Cavalo de praise – Fatboy Slim vs. MC Paty – João Brasil

18 Cerol no VCR – XX vs Bonde do Tigrão – João Brasil

19 She’s good for bang – Rye Rye – Bang vs MSTRKRFT – Leo Justi (INÉDITA)

20 French Wood horse – André Paste

20 – Gimme Gimme – Rolling Stones vs. Black Sabbath – The Kleptones


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